First United Methodist Church Monroe Live Service


Sun 8:30A-9:30A



Members of First United Methodist Church of Monroe support our community of faith through:

Coming together to worship, study, and share fellowship strengthens our faith and is vital to keeping faith alive and growing throughout our lives. FUMC Monroe is a supportive faith community and your presence is valued!

Prayer is an integral part of faith in Jesus Christ and being a part of a faith community. Opportunities to share prayer at FUMC Monroe range from personal and private prayer times to praying specifically for those in need through our daily prayer ministry, and a prayer group that meets weekly.

As Christians, our witness is so important. Sometimes our witness is verbal, sharing with someone what Christ means to us. Other times our witness is by example as we live out the claims of Christ upon our life. We are called upon to reflect the life of Christ on a daily basis and, at FUMC Monroe, we challenge and encourage each other to do so.

Ways to serve are many and varied. It is when we become involved in the ministry of the church that we feel and become a part of the body of Christ experienced in the community of the church. We invite you to view the opportunities listed on our Missions page & become actively involved in serving the church, our community & the world!

Financial stewardship is seen as a way to help participants in the congregation to grow spiritually in their relationship with God. They are encouraged to support the church’s mission and ministry with a percentage of their income, working toward a tithe. Funds are received for the operating budget, endowments, benevolence gifts, missions, and special projects. Members are also asked to give consideration to the long-term needs of the church in their personal estate planning.