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Sean Hannity’s energy, charisma and Reagan conservatism has scored high points with audiences and critics alike as he continues to be one of the hottest commodities in media.

Sean Hannity
Sean Hannity8 hours ago

***BREAKING*** Anti-Trump Agent Peter Strzok is OUT, reportedly 'ESCORTED' from FBI building...

I think we have Trey Gowdy to thank for this ABRUPT departure of Mr. Strzok. Trey was on fire today!! Great job! I think you FINALLY got the point across to the "powers that be". Thank you brought it home!
How long before he lands an analyst position on CNN?
We cannot be complacent. Republican voters need to get out and vote this November. The far left Democrats are gasping for air right now and are now using this immigration crisis as a tool for sympathy.🇺🇸🇺🇸
How in the world did he get demoted to a desk job in HR???? He had an affair!!!!! Good grief our government is full of swamp rats!!!!!!
I think the whole Mueller team should have to pay the taxpayers back the millions this has cost them. So sick of this double standard and no one pays...both the taxpayer or jail where they should be.
Now the IG cannot ask him to answer any questions, this sounds like a tactical move rather than honest dismissal.
So when does he get the same treatment as those Mueller has targeted? He should lose his house like Mike Flynn or have a morning raid like Manafort or Cohen
That’s great news. Now we need to reopen the Clinton email investigation since it was a botched investigation. There is no way that with all the bias that it wasn’t fixed...
🤦🏻‍♀️Can you imagine all the confidential files and classified he had access to that he was able to get before this?
It took over a year to remove him, who knows what evil he did during the year... and which other corrupt FBI agents are his co- conspirators
Is he going to get a pension??? So, Finally they act... And if Hillary would have won???? omg. one trembles to think about that.
Meanwhile the democrats and their sycophant media are saying look over here at Trump enforcing the immigration laws. Wonder how much CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN and MSNBC will report the corruption explosion going on in the Senate and House. Hahaha.
That's great news, but I, so wanted Hillary to be first.
well, think about this... if he's "out" been fired, he can no longer be subpoenaed by the IG, or (I'm not sure on this) Congressional committees, is that correct? If that is so,.. then it seems as if another layer of protection has been afforded yet one more criminal from the Obama regime who will NOT pay for his crimes!!
He should have been escorted to jail not just out of the building.
Let us see how long he stays out. This may be another CYA move by the FBI to make sure he is not available to answer any questions.
They should have handcuffed him.before escorting him.out.
did they collect his cell phone, laptop and any other electronic gadget, hope so, especially his security clearance.
He should have been escorted to jail along with his girlfriend Comey Clinton McCabe Rosenstein and hey take Wray with you since he is covering up too
👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼. Should have been done ✅ long ago. Better late than never. NOW lock up witch Hellary and her ding dong red-nosed husband and Oscumma. 👊🏽
If it was not in handcuffs on a perp walk it is not enough
Now he cannot be compelled to testify before congress. This is a CYA by the FBI.
Why did it take the IG report for this to happen? If Joe Public had done any of what he did, he would be in jail.
Just for show. Nothing will happen. They will try and create a another scandal so this will be swept under the rug like so many others.
A day late and a dollar short. Should have happened a long time ago. The liberals have the media in their pocket. When is the right going to grow some and start doing and passing more of what our great president is trying to get done BEFORE midterms
Sean Hannity
Sean Hannity shared a link.8 hours ago
Starbucks is overpriced swill.....give me Dunkin Donuts coffee, or Krispy Kreme coffee, or New Orleans Community Coffee any day.
Perhaps the CEO of Starbucks shouldn’t have said he hated conservatives and we weren’t welcome.
Good, leftists and liberals keep criticizing any company that does not abide totally by their rules, on the other hand, because of your inept claims, companies will adopt some to please you and conservatives will boycott. Result ==> stores closing and minimum wages workers loose their jobs.
Awesome news, about time...maybe businesses learn to stay out of politics and stop pushing political correct issues! I stopped going there since they stopped saying Merry Christmas!
150 stores isn't many but a decline. I called it a few weeks ago that Starbucks is out of business and forgotten in 5 years by their own hand.
They just opened one close to where I live. I believe that they are really going to close the ones in inner cities that are now probably being filled up with homeless people because of their stupid stance. But they sure wouldn’t come out and say that. And like it or not, a small building filled with homeless people would keep paying customers away. I’ll bet that our Starbucks in suburban areas aren’t going anywhere. Watch and see. 😒 They aren’t fooling me with their damage control move. I really couldn’t care if they ALL closed down. But they won’t.
I stopped my rare visits to Starbucks after they announced they were hiring refugees. Didn’t trust the bathroom habits (hand washing) of many refugees. Have not read of any problems so far, but still won’t go there.
Not a dime of mine has ever been spent on an over priced product from this leftist company! I'll gladly go without if that's my only coffee option!
Lol. This wasn’t a result of BLM. They were already going down because of their mouthy CEO in response to the anti-Trump BS. But leave it to the Left to try and take credit for it. NO ONE is more “bias” than the Left!! They talk the talk - but they don’t walk the walk.
One of the absolute most liberal companies out there being hazed by their own. Can’t get much more ironic than that.
It's delicious to see liberals eat each other alive. Good riddance
I stopped buying Starbucks after a series of liberal Corp remarks over a year ago.
Seems strange that one complaint can cave a business????Have we sunk that low to where one political incorrect act, which loitering is illegal but, complaint raised and all of sudden a race issue..C'mon now, lets stop this crap..Just don't loiter, do what the policeman ask you to do and then, things should be good
Now they pissed off both sides. 😂😂👍 You got what was coming to you Starbucks. Hope it was worth it. You should have stuck to coffee and left the political correctness BS out of your business. 🤷‍♀️ you get what you give. #karma
Sick of D.C. Socialism doesn't work Starbucks!
Mixing politics with business is bad business. Period. I love Starbuck's coffee, the coffee itself, not the shops, but they will be a loss to many who enjoyed them for social purposes.
I wonder if Starbucks doesn't want to say a lot of employees quit after the "training" because they weren't going to put up with the craziness. I bet there are a lot of other coffee places with plain common sense that would be happy to hire them with that experience. Notice they were more worried about what their shareholders thought than their employees?
I really wish they would close permanently because they are a joke
It could not have happened to a better company. They are anti-conservative and pro-abortion and pro-liberal.
That's what happens when a business starts to take political sides. Not just one class of people are the patrons of any business. Stop catering to certain people and ignoring the rest. Stick to business and keep your personal options to yourself.
In my opinion, they get what they deserve....America is sick and tired of all the years of the race card....we are over it and we want to move on...We will not purchase anything from this place, ever again.
As far as I'm concerned these stores were already closed. No reason to waste money at a liberal breeding ground company.
Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it 😂😂😂 I’ve had exactly 1 cup of Starbucks coffee my entire coffee-drinking life & believe me, there won’t be a 2nd! Bye 👋🏻
They let people sit there without purchasing anything and using their toilet facilities, they are going out of business anyway.No profit because the paying customers will be chased away by the entitled ones. Then everyone will be happy.
I personally won’t be satisfied until every Trump voter boycotts them totally and they close 1/2 their locations
Sean Hannity
Sean Hannity9 hours ago


Sorry... don't feel for any of you... you guys allowed your mayor to bring in radical terrorists... you get what you deserve...
Let's guns, no knives, no now it's bombs! So much for letting anyone and everyone into your country!
Sick of D.C. That's what happens when you allow anyone in your country! Heads up America!
London.....The Place you don’t want to visit any longer.....
Time to get rid of your mayor🙄
knife ban not working? next they will be walking around with big gulp glasses filled with gas. and a bic lighter...
London was given away by it's Mayor, and y'all voted for him, so I guess this is the new normal there...I will Never visit again and neither will any of my family....
I'll give you all one guess..... in, 3...2...1...
WTF is a minor explosion? There was an explosion in the tube.. suspicious package blew up
When you let the fox into the hen house what do you expect ? Like Trumps story on the campaign trail. The lady asked the snake why he bit her after she had cared for him, " I am a snake !"
London again....well guess where I am going to go with this. Immigration and the expectations of diversity is far don't see a lot of good coming from mass immigration especially when they are not properly vetted and refuse to assimilate...I will retract and apologize on my theory if I got it wrong.
Must have been one of those knives they are confiscating
Wait for the protests planned in Paris that the media is not going to cover either. Nothing to see here terrorism here. Sounds like our good old barry and his rhetoric
Coming to America by the supporters of the Democratic party to treat Americans the way Dem fill about this country.
But they outlawed all weapons.
take out the trash along with your mayor, London.
You opened the barn door. Now you’re seeing the results. We have it here too. Moving different cultures to democratic areas will destroy it all.
Each time I hear these stories, I am more thankful for Trump. Those who don't like what he is doing should go have a party there.
Hard to believe anything the UK police state reports. They are only allowed to release very limited information. But anyone on social media mentioning it, will be arrested.
The system in UK is mortifying!! Especially the English Commonwealth determines and decides for parents to end their babies life when there are other options in other countries.
this is big deal it was only a SMALL explosion and only a FEW people were hurt so no one in London really cares especially the Mayor
Police said the "minor explosion", at about 19:00 BST, was thought to have been caused by a battery short circuit. So nothing to do with terrorism.
Everyone says when the liberal left take about children it's time to bring up the 500,000 abortions a year.
Basement dwelling losers who contribute nothing to society act like they care about illegals being detained. Hilliarious
It was not Muslims don't mention Islam it was a very very very small explosion or maybe just a poof nothing to see her in diversity land big brother said so move along. Crickets
Sean Hannity
Sean Hannity9 hours ago

WATCH: Gowdy GOES OFF over Comey's "textbook bias"...

Guess what folks, all these hearings and accusations will amount to nothing, this is political grandstanding at it's best. Why wasn't Hillary indicted? because Comey covered up for her and Comey committed crimes in doing so. Shouldn't Hillary be indicted today? yes, will she be indicted today? no, will any of these criminals be brought to justice? no, oh they may fire an agent or two and slap their wrist, however, there will be nothing more than extensive hearings and an occasional Congressman make threats of more hearings and that like Benghazi will fade in the distance. Vote all these guys out in November, Nunes is the only honest one in the bunch. We need a complete clean out of the Republican Party and the Democrat party is nothing more than a Communist Organization trying to overthrow our Republic and will lead to a Civil War down the road.
Cummings made a fool of himself as always. For he said nothing when Obama did it and he has always shown his lying coward self! The typical politician that does not solve problems, just pimps to get more money for him... He had 8 years of Obama to fix things? Now how about the University Professors that have been used as spies for decades for the FBI and CIA? Used to frame, exploit others? How about the one that was given a visa for the sole purpose to set up a Trump associate? They know there style very well, "PIMPS!"
The left is trying to get everybody to pay attention to the kids being taken from their parents forget about the investigation into our corrupt politicians ,trying to keep your mind on something else.
Oh dear Trey Gowdy you will be sorely missed. I pray God provides somebody with your integrity to fill your shoes. Thank you for all you do for the American people
Trey was great today !!! I so wish he had Sessions job..• The Swamp may be able to manipulate him just because he’s been there so long but I tend to think he’s a fair person ...• And I’m hoping the swamp doesn’t have control over him..• But, never the less, he was GREAT TODAY !!!!!
Clinton & her gang, plus Obama & his gang all need to be put in Jail before we can trust the Government! All of the Law Breakers!!!!
Did you see Calif. dem Schiff's partner in crime attack Goodlatte and the Republicans over ILLEGALS during the hearing ....un-freaking believable
"OUTSTANDING" I'm proud that two of the most legally prepared, & convincing members of Congress to ask questions to the IG yesterday were from South Carolina. (Gowdy & Graham)
I wanted to come thru the tv when mr Cummins spoke. They are so pissed off that trump won that they will say anything.
It's always wonderful to see him destroy folks like that. It doesn't ever go anywhere, but still a pleasure to watch.
These guys are as biased as they come. So we can't believe them like they say we can't believe the biased FBI. What I heard was that Rudy is under investigation because of leaks he got. Could it be that he passed leaked stuff to Sean? Sean said he expects to be questioned by Mueller. I hope Sean has a good reason for going to see the wiki-leak guy in person? I wonder if Comey asked himself if I indict Hillary in public twice, would that help Trump?
Every time Cummings open his mouth, he shows America his Anti-American leanings. He is a master at twisting the facts, obfuscating the truth, using character assassination to deflect the conversation at the time. A true embarrassment to America Must ask what kind of people continue to reelect him. Apparently, if the truth stood in from of him, full frontal, he would not acknowledge it.
Trey came through and did the job right. Thank you Trey.
They don't seem to get the notion that we are compelled to revisit each of the cases the tainted agents touched. The investigations are in question so America demands them each get a re-do. Renegade server Secured info shared Bengazi Fast & furious Uranium 1 Camgain interference Weaponizing intelligence Defrauding fisa Tarmac mtg Pay to play FAR $$ Juanita Brodderick ..... All of it. Real integrity needed. 🇺🇸
It would be nice to see convictions come out of this instead of good speeches. I liked what he said, but we need more.
The blatant arrogance and perpetual corruption within DC, the DOJ and the FBI may not have ever been illuminated if Hillary had won the election. The DC club is fighting Trump not because they don’t like him, but because they fear their power positions are beginning to fade under the heated glare of scrutiny.
Now that is excellent. That was Truth to the point and absolutely not a political statement. Corrupt politicians and politics are destroying this country. Way to go Trey !!! Now if the justice system could put the criminal Government and former Government officials in PRISON !! Then the job of Justice will be Done🙏🙏🙏🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Please do something more than talk, we need action, on all of them not just him, go down the list, it is endless.
DONE listening to any of these guys until someone is PROSECUTED. Us deplorables couldn't get away with spitting on public property let alone what these crooks are doing to our country...PROSECUTE, not investigate, PROSECUTE!
Peter Strzok insurance policy was the Russian spy The FBII paid to set up Michael Capputo and Roger Stone
That's not enough. Comey, both Clintons, Obama, Mueller, McCabe, Struzk, and scores of others in the Deep State, need to be in orange jump suits facing capital punishment. Period and end of story. .
I love Gowdy!! Tell em’ preach!! The truth will set us free. The American people don’t care if it’s not what they want to hear, we just want the truth! We are tired of being lied to!
Then we had to hear Cumming's and Nadler's rants! Cumming's going completely off topic after exonerating Clinton and yelling about immigrant children being separated from their parents....pullease!!!
There was obvious political bias. And, there was "monetary bias" -- all the corrupt FBI people got paid a lot of money, one way or another. McCabe's wife got $800K; Fusion GPS got $12 million; FBI spies got hundreds of thousands of dollars, etc. etc. It went beyond political bias. They sold out the country and their duty.
Love this young man. What makes me mad is when these people were elected to represent us they are forever having sessions on all the corruption that each other has been involved in no matter the politics of the party. Washington is so corrupt it is pathetic. Never give up Sean. You are the best. Just quit interrupting your guest. I want to hear your guests full answer.
Sean Hannity
Sean Hannity shared a link.11 hours ago
The high cost of illegal immigration. A new study puts it at $135 billion. This is money we could be using on education, roads and health care.
I live in California and I have watched illegal immigration get out of control. In the 70's my parents and others were worried this may happen, and now look at this mess! I'm disgusted with these politicians exploiting illegal immigrants! These parents that dragged their children through harms way have created this problem for themselves and along with democrats telling them to come here
Be afraid, be very afraid! This "Nasty" woman is going to run for President!!!
American's who Love our Country and our people Please Vote against all Democrats and Rhinos this Fall!
Kamala Harris, you don't have time to be concerned with this or any other issues other than repairing the damage you have done to our once beautiful state of California.
As a Californian she embarrassed the heck out of me. Always unhinged!
She talks about moral leadership?? That is really funny. Has this woman looked at the countries that are members of the UN? That statement is almost laughable. What the US has done is try and the US has been the main financial supporter and the UN in turn tries to run the world.
This woman is a CLOWN. Accomplished nothing (except restricting freedoms) as California AG and will accomplish nothing as a representative.
This b*tch will do anything to get headlines! I hope that she is the democrats nominee as it will be a landslide for term 2 of DJT!
I try to show respect for all, but, over and over the Democrats just don't have America's best interest in mind. It is hard to find even one of them who cares about our country or its people.
Where is the outrage for millions of American babies aborted every year that you fight to support? Where’s the outrage for the many homeless children in streets of liberal cities? Where were you when Obama was placing these same children in cages? Please spare me the selective outrage for political gain!!
Kamala Harris needs to shut that gaping maw in the middle of her face. She's about as effective as drunken Hillary at convincing anyone that her looney points are valid. In short - no one cares. You stop giving her air time and she goes away.
I would Shut it Down..Get them out of our country ..We started the we can end it..all foreign low life countries...Who cares what that bimbo wants..she is a nobody...End it Now...
Take care of your state first before flapping your mouth about other issues. Shows how you run things into the ground
Another Soro Puppet globalist.
They are always unhinged..different day, different issue. Such sad, sad, people. They won't be satisfied until we have another Civil War
Just another unhinged Democrat...I think they all have lost it!
I actually was hoping the President would get there eventually, am glad he made that decision. Appointees within the organization are the biggest violators of human rights....only makes sense to denounce them. Harris is a democrat, I thought she was one of the biggest advocates for denouncing such atrocities...I guess I was wrong.
Kinda makes one rethink about ever becoming a dem.... I've left when I was a teen back in early 80's and never turned back, a native american conservative most of my life... .no regrets for sure.
If Harris is outraged ....again ..then it must be a good move LOL!!
If this UN does not condemn Obvious, blatant , terrorists groups, then the U.S. doesn’t need to be a part of that.
Dems are throwing everything they can think of or make up at the President hoping something will stick. He is, one by one taking their political footballs from them. What a pitiful group representing nearly half the country. fake outrage at every turn.
Another clueless Democrat spouting off with no real message and definitely no solutions. Amazing how these people even get elected.
Harris is just another loud mouth Democrat whose high on the New World Order at the expense of our country.
Really who gives a flying Fk what this skank has to say. So she sleeps her way up the ladder and now she thinks enough of herself to offer her opinion? Laughable