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Sean Hannity
Sean Hannity7 hours ago

**PELOSI: “What is original in the President’s proposal is not good. What is good in the proposal is not original..."**

Pelosi is done !! So is Schumer! They fell right into Trumps hands! I’m sure this will fortify his declaration of An emergency !
SO just what is digging in her heels when the President is trying to negotiate doing for the good of the country? This crazy moon-bat should be in prison for Treason, for choosing illegals over the American people.
She’s the poster person for the Anti-American agenda. It’s not about what’s best for America. It’s about what’s best for Pelosi and her liberal agenda. Power and money.. And a new voter base to help her keep both.. Trump2020🇺🇸
Better be careful there Nanc. Trump is playing Chess and you are playing Checkers..
Pelosi’s dementia is so bad that she is starting to talk like Dr. Seuss
Shes playing the violin for fed workers during shutdown that she went on vacation to hawaii during. And was planning another vacation excursion to belgium, egypt and Afghanistan with 93 of her dearest friends at taxpayers expense. And shes worried about non-essential gov employees. More than the citizens dying because of the unprotected border. This lady needs a straight jacket and a padded room.
Pelosi should resign or be impeached.
NEW: Judicial Watch announced today that it obtained documents through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit against the Air Force detailing $134,587.81 plus $50,000 for an advance of funds for an “escort officer” for a total of $184.587.81 for then-House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) Congressional delegation (CODEL) to Italy and Ukraine in 2015. The documents show that from July 30 to August 6, Pelosi took a trip to Milan, Rome and Naples, Italy, and Kiev, Ukraine, for herself, her husband, several members of congress and their spouses. The Italy trip included Milan, Rome and Naples with visits to the Vatican Museum, Sistine Chapel, Duomo and viewing Da Vinci’s “Last Supper.” The documents also show the Air Force’s negative response to a Pelosi staff request for a specific crew for Pelosi’s flight. An official notes that it: “would be a disastrous precedent to set even if it were possible.” The Air Force further points out: “Our ARC crews have plenty to balance already with military duties and their civilian employers.” Judicial Watch previously uncovered that Pelosi’s military travel cost the United States Air Force $2,100,744.59 over one two-year period — $101,429.14 of which was for in-flight expenses, including food and alcohol. Judicial Watch’s work exposing Pelosi’s travel abuses resulted in her successor John Boehner declining to use Air Force luxury jets to travel to his Ohio congressional district. Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton: “Speaker Nancy Pelosi has a demonstrated record of abusing the perks of office that give her access to military luxury travel paid for by taxpayers.”
? That’s the best she can do? President Trump made a good compromise so she needs to step up to the plate. Is she going to help illegals and DACA and protect Americans or just obstruct everything.
He put it on Nancy and Chuck to deny DACA. Then their base flips on them. Chess not checkers
Hey nancy you didn't show any sympathy to the Angel Moms did you? And you didn't show any sympathy to the federal workers when you went on your 11 day Hawaii Vacation did you?
Bad move Nanc..this does nothing but make you look bad
U Dems had so much sympathy u were on Vacation. Looking to leave country please spare us your b s
She doesn’t care about American people. She’s evil
So Nannie hates Trump more than she cares about her precious dreamers? How horrible is that?
She had better enjoy her 2 years because that’s all she s going to get. This woman has serious mental problems. Rumor has it her weekly bill for booze is $1000. This is not a joke.
It's not what she wants.. It's what the people want... She should take a alcohol test before she speaks... 🤔
He certainly did mention the furloughed workers in a sympathetic manner... don’t know what she heard..
I think they tightened that 80 year old skin too much this time at her recent face lift and it has caused her dementia to be worse related to poor circulation.
Nancy, sorry to say but a li’l nip and tuck in Hawaii didn’t fix what’s wrong with that head of yours! You need a really good shrink there lady! It’s what’s between your ears that needs “treatment”.
If she’s drinking that much at her age it won’t be much longer till she’s gone. Brain is already pickled liver is next.
He offered more then he should have so just move away and declare an emergency. Head to courts because that is what they will do and let them look bad.
sure let's listen to Nancy, she has got to still be drunk from her plane flight, ...oh yeah she had to fly top shelf booze
If she will not do her job replace with one that can... cut her money, replace her and term limit no benefits. I bet she would talk then..
I’m still having a hard time that someone was willing to have five kids with this old bit&$
Sean Hannity
Sean Hannity shared a link.8 hours ago
Do you know what bothers me about the corruption in the FBI? Why did it take Trump being elected before anyone outside the government knowing how corrupt the FBI and DOJ had become? We keep hearing about the rank and file not being corrupt only the leadership. But to what dept of leadership? Why would NOT a so called rank and file go to the Inspector General and blow the whistle on all the corruption? Something's not right. I personally believe the CORRUPTION GOES A LOT DEEPER THAN WE WANT TO BELIEVE.
Puerto Rican’s For President Trump 2020!🇺🇸🙏🏼
They need to investigate why Nancy was going to take 90 Family Member Civilians into a War Zone in Afghanistan
Fyi - Grant Marchand No one is above the law and all should be concerned. Hillary comes to Canada, we should lock her up.
ABSOLUTELY! This has been ignored long enough!!! The left here have no other behavior but vulgar disrespect! I’ve always seen those who can’t be constructive and have nothing to say but insults of others, have very low self-esteem and self respect........I feel sorry for you people!
Barr already admitted he is close friends with Mueller. I'm afraid the President chose another swamp dweller. But the swamp is deep and wide. The liberal mafia threatens anyone that dare oppose them. We need an honest cop in the capital of corruption.
Concur with Graham, better get her before statues of limitation passes then nothing for sure will happen. Issue arrest warrants, arrest and incarcerate until court, if she makes bail, she and Billy boy will leave the country escaping justice. Strike while the iron is hot!
AND NOT UNTIL Giving Democrats back what you stole -- DACA, Asylum, 2 Justice appointments, Gerrymandered nation allowing Republicans to win elections they lost in the popular vote, and the presidency -- isn't GIVING us anything. It's just returning what you stole and catching us up even. We negotiate FROM this point -- and not until.
An absolute must. Just like the wall, this is a campaign promise. Lock her up!
How many months and investigations have you had....and you haven't gotten one indictment!!!
The American people demand it, the Rule of Law must be upheld.
Trump hammer coming down!!!!!!!! Drain the swamp.
Kinda hard when he Mueller and the nominee are best of friends.
I fear the new AG will turn on Trump.
Not only Lying Hillary, How about all the Ladies.who lied under Oath against the Judge,
If there’s nothing to investigate why delete all the emails Why delete the Tex’s The Barr has risen to another level
Well Yeahhh! The cesspool of corruption should have been investigated alon time ago, but it doesn't work if the "investigators" in charge are employed by the same people they are "investigating".
Mt Graham...You are the leader in the Senate...You can make it happen,,,IF YOU FAIL....Then You are just all hot air, like the rest of the ball less GOP senators....
Did Senator Graham say the Mueller Witch Hunt is illegal based on lies and corruption of the FISA Court, the DOJ and the FBI? Did he take back his support for Mueller? Does he still think Mueller is honorable and a great patriot? Senator Graham threatened our President with impeachment if he fired Rosenstein and Mueller. Who trusts Senator Graham and why should anyone trust him? His record indicates he supports corruption with past deeds and comments.
This is full of profanity with low class thugs...
Yes. God bless into success 🍂. Ccohsfsvbrimstonan ccohsfsvbrims
Clinton has been looked into...many times. None of her infractions rose to the level of criminal prosecution. It's time for government to concentrate on the present issues. God knows there are plenty of them to address.
President Trump please build the wall and keep us safe from all the criminal illegal aliens!
Heres what a real American looks like
With McCain gone, Graham apparently now free to actually try and do the right thing. He is still not trustworthy but he was fantastic with the Kav approval and now the wall.
Sean Hannity
Sean Hannity8 hours ago


Schumer, you are 100% wrong on this issue.. You and Nancy are proving that this is 100% about your politics and 0% about the country.. A Wake up Dem voters!
And the Democrats rejected it even before he spoke. Latinos need to wake up and realize the Democrats are NOT on their side. #BuildTheWall
trust me Trump already knows they wont go for it. its a game hes going to win. the dems are so blinded with hate they wont even see it coming ;)
Wait?! I thought you dems love DACA?? Guess the hypocrisy continues
It’s not HIS border wall, It’s a border wall we want. So hard to figure that out
Chuck and Nancy (Chancy) have been in Congress since the 80s yet they act as if all these problems are President Trumps fault. Chancy is the true enemy of the American People
Trump made this offer knowing they wouldn't take it. He knows open borders is what they want. It may also make "Dreamers" wake up and realize Dems are using them.
Pelosi and Schumer are the poster children for TERM LIMITS!!
Chuck, you and Nancy are hurting the gov workers not Trump !!!!!!hes been will to talk since Dec and you two voted to fund the wall years ago !!!!!!!!!!
So let me get this straight we prefer to let illegals in rather than provide 5+ billion to protect American citizens? Good call chuck!
Alright, that's it. Had enough! Build the wall Mr President!
Schumer needs to be put on the other side of the border wall
These democrats are not interested in compromise and settling the dispute. They are only interested in pushing back. Shameful
Schumer is NOT a Senator, he is a YOYO, if Pelosi tells him to jump off a bridge he will...I am waiting for that day, ain't you?
Such an evil person.. just look at his face! 🙈
What took you so long Chuck... you had to wait for crazy aunt Nan to say OK. And she's not even in DC...she flew the coop...on commercial! 🤣
If he wants to have a discussion why is he not showing up for meetings?
Doesn't have a decent response so he comes up with "hostage taking". Got laugh at the ridiculous response.
Anymore EXCUSES in that bag of tricks of yours???!!! You and your partner should be committed into a Psych ward!!
I would really like to see the members names that have used the "discretional funds" in the Senate and Congress. Are people aware that our tax dollars actually pay for that? Yeah, it's a lot of money too! I would venture to guess Schumer's among the recipients of that fund.
Please Chucky, either take the glasses off or pick them up on your face. you look like mr. Peabody on the Rocky and Bullwinkle show
Needs to go! This guy is DEAD WEIGHT!
Can you even call it compromise if one person does all the offering with short answers in return?
We hate you and her all you 2 want drugs and alcohol and party on the. Poor money I can't make. It on my. f ss that don't even pay all my bill I need more money to live on you all make 174000 a year and don't do a dam thing
How 'bout no, Chuck... If you were going to work together, it would have been done long before the shutdown.
Sean Hannity
Sean Hannity shared a link.9 hours ago
Why would you put a person that has been evicted twice and had 2 bank accounts closed on the finance committee? Are you crazy?
You have two of the dumbest women in America on a national finance committee and wonder why we have a 21 trillion-dollar national debt
What a joke the Democrats have become.
OMG , We are in such trouble with those two ''GENIUSES '' in charge of money and the banks !! WHAT A COLOSSAL MISTAKE !! linda
I believe it was a favor that Nancy Pelosi promised them a committee seat for their vote to make her speaker. Trump has done everything he can to work out a deal and compromise and they came up with nothing. The American people are crazy if they blame this on Trump.
Lord protect us from those who don't have a clue what they are doing.
She's finally has a real job and getting a salary and now thinks she is a financial adviser...
Lmao. What a joke - both her and Maxine
First Pelosi puts Ilhan Omar on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, and now this. And the dems have all been screaming about putting people in office who are not qualified...?!! (Not to mention Maxine as the head of this committee - I hope her husband, and Pelosi's are on the committee so they can teach them even more about dirty money.)
This aught to be amusing; the old witch, Maxine, with the jr, radical Congress woman, AOC. No good can possibly come from this loonie combo.
remember Ocasio-Cortez had no money before going to DC lets see what her net worth is in a couple of years any bets she will be a multi millionaire?
2 buffoons in charge of finances. Wow, are we in trouble
What could possibly go wrong???
She may do better to just get to the Emerald see if she can get a brain from the Wizard...
OMG she's a freshman without experience. This is why the Left is in trouble bad choices shows lack of leadership and no common sense.
The blind leading the blind and ignorant.
I dont think shes smart enough for bathroom janitor
Great now I'm the one who may have to move to Canada,lol. Please tell me this is a joke!
Let’s see how long it takes her to get rich. We all know she had only $11,000 when she joined congress
After her dance video it proves she’s much better suited for a stripper pole then basic math. Please no.
Does this woman know how to do math or any handle financial issues? She sure isn't the brightest bulb in the box.
The good old quote comes to mind; "That's like putting the coyotes in charge of guarding the hen house." Idiocy at it's finest.
One who can’t financially prepare for an apartment has zero business getting involved AT ALL. Criminal in training under the fine tutor-ledge of Mad Max.
God help us. Maxine needs to be investigated for bank fraud.
S T U P I D ! Does she even know how to balance a checkbook or deal with a charge card statement??
Sean Hannity
Sean Hannity9 hours ago


It shows that Trump is trying to negotiate a deal one that the Democrats should approve. Everyone knows that they won't approve it because they're just playing politics . Now Trump can go ahead and declare the emergency and build the wall!!!
Declare the National Emergency and BUILD THE WALL !!!
He needs to show HE is willing to compromise while showing THEY are not. So that they lose the DACA deal he offered and they turned down. So that he can call a National emergency. Genius.
Well played sir. Your latino support is rising. You offer help for the daca kids twice and the dems reject it. Expect to see that latino support continue to rise.
He offered a lot and got nothing in return...the next televised announcement could possibly be an emergency declaration...nobody should be surprised...
Dems already rejected it. Trump already knew so now he can go full steam ahead with the wall!
Paving way so Trump can "Declare a National Emergency" and build the Wall.
Go get em 45. You gave them a chance 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Dems poo pooed this before it was even presented. They, the Dems now own the shutdown. If they do not start to proceed with this the POTUS should call a national emergency at border.
The only part I didn’t agree with is the Social Security Numbers for the 800,000 DACA kids. No Social Security for them, that is ONLY for U. S. Citizens.
It takes two sides to compromise. The power-hungry Dems will not compromise. They are very narcissistic, led by Schumer and Pelosi, who have no empathy for others!
Fantastic speech by our wonderful and patriotic President🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Why the hell does he continue to offer his democratic enemies the olive branch?!! Build the wall! Use the military to do it!
Wonderful speech!
So he offers a compromise. But the dems won't play. Obstructionists.
Bless his heart💖 He is trying so hard...
I wouldn't comprise squat with those scum. When was the last time they compromised? 30 years ago? At least it's all on them now.
If they turn it down in 2 days he can impose RIF and get his money without them!!!
Wow President Trump just gave an amazing speech with an amazing deal for everyone even DACA recipients. Democrats have to say yes now and get the government reopened now.
He’s trying. Let’s see what the Democrats do.
Mr. President, you are compromising too much. DACA people don’t deserve any amnesty, the children are now adults who have done NOTHING to rectify their illegal status and we owe them nothing. You are falling into the Dems’ trap!
If government workers are living pay check to pay check Congress should take pay cut and give everyone raises!!
Please just declare an emergency, open the government, and get us back to work! My family would sure appreciate it.
The wall Is the best Humanitarian response! It’s backward thinking When people think it’s our responsibility that someone chooses the dangerous way to enter our country versus the Safe way to enter our country. The legal and safe way is through our ports of entry. The illegal and dangerous choice (made by them) is to come into our country by any other means. A wall detours the temptation to put themselves into these extremely dangerous and vulnerable situations.
HOW MANY Olive Branches must be offered? Just build it already....sometimes you gotta make the hard choices