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As a wiseman once said “it’s no fun being an illegal alien”
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@SenRonJohnson #TrumpKimSummit

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On the road. But I would do a Facebook live about North Korea.
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Soooooo true Joe Pags💙🇺🇸❤️
He gave the Chairman everything he wanted- legitimacy, world standing, AND the opportunity to look like the reasonable one standing next to a guy who just gave the finger to the collective of western leaders. Cleverly played- the guy is well educated. Combine that with our inability to criticize Kim's human rights record whilst we ourselves are keeping children in dog cages, makes it a homer for "Rocket Man!"
wow, so rarely do I get the opposite point of view on my feed. Couldn't disagree more about the Obama record or that the current occupant displays 'undying love for America' - wealthy white America maybe; but hey, I'm willing to say a meeting, however unproductive, is a step forward. How's that?
The President could announce a cure for cancer and he would still be crtizied. He has forged a dialogue
Why do people on the right continue to insist the facts should matter when the left is in the middle of a good rant???
What an historical unforgettable evening watching history being made for the whole world to see! Just amazing! Thank you President Donald J. Trump and the hard working team that has worked weeks and months for this day to happen through peace and strength!
I served in Korea during Grandpa's reign as head of state, I am hoping this actually becomes a thing. That being said, I thought Trump was pretty clever in having Jong Un sign the agreement for all the world to see. Trump probably knows what a huge movie buff Jong Un is and he set this whole thing up like a re-enactment of the final scenes from the Movie "The Sum of All Fears" Now Jong Un feels like a movie star. :) :)
Joe there was one thing fatboy kim, got outta the meeting Many cases of Twinkies to take back with him , even some of the new ones with chocolate sprinkles. ;)
Here here. Well said Joe Pags. It is very disheartening to read and hear what the spin doctors on the left come up with to bash a man who is doing everything he can to deliver on promises made while campaigning while being blocked at every turn by the left and many of those who are supposed to be representing us on the right.
Nothing was accomplished.. u had 2 men who were more concerned with their own ego than achieving anything.. .. sad
Joe. For the love of God, don't take any more days off. I can't take the fill ins. Listened for about 9 minutes in traffic and had to change the channel. Please run best of Pags or just put elevator music on in your time slot. PLEASE!
You THINK Trump was in control.......WRONG
Where did that 1.6 Billion to Iran come from?
NK just agreed to complete denuclearization.
See what happens when the grownups are in charge...
Joe...Great insight. So proud of our president tonight!!!!
So proud of our President thank you President Trump
Driving the Godless left crazy daily
Now that's interesting. trump's pic hasn't been photoshopped to have orange skin. Looks like the Left is falling down on their job.
Couldn’t have said it better Mr. Pags. Excellent insight.
What a great chance on on making a great change. I had my teenage girls watch because of of its historical significance.
It is hard for me to believe I'm actually seeing this. Amazing.
Excellent information . Wake up America. Time to pull your head out of the sand and view the real world. Not perfect it all takes time
Very happy with the agreement so far! We must only lesson sanctions as denuclearization happens. Step by step they have to take action that’s the difference
Very well said Gerry. I am a supporter. We are blessed to have a him as our President. He gives us Hope.