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It's crazy how often your power can kick out in winter. Here's how to avoid just that!

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Builders and Remodelers need solid manufacturers to provide leadership, training and support -- in addition to great product. Here's a great example from James Hardie. #remodeler #builder #siding #partnership

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7 Amazing Tips for Growing Crops in The South Southern Gardening: 7 Things to Know BEFORE You Grow

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As temperatures drop, heating bills are sure to go up! We've got a dozen ways to help you lower costs -- plus tips for smart home security savings in this week's eNewsletter! -

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Something to get us thinking about the season ahead - not the safest way to clear snow! #winter #snow #gravitysucks

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Snow Removing From Roof Is Oddly Satisfying Credit: YataChannel -
SuperViral.TV Credit: YataChannel - FB:
they sound like minions if u listen closely.
Isn't odd that none of the others houses roofs didn't have that same amount of snow besides that much weight on a roof ??????
Where ever this is, they at masters at building houses and the US needs to learn from them. That much snow didn’t collapse the roof..of a 2 story house. I’m impressed!!
Everyone’s saying the snow would be heavy but isn’t snow fallen pretty light weight if it hasn’t been messed with. And I didn’t see the point of them removing it from the roof just to create more snow chaos on ground level.
A waste of time and energy. All they have to do is plant a rope before it snows. Pull the rope and the whole pie will come rolling down.
Procrastination of snow removal at its best. 😂 everyone else’s roofs weren’t that bad so you know the owner was like “ shit, this is getting out of hand we should remove it from the roof I guess”
Ha ha ha all fun and games till u knock ur ladder over or slip and fall that's what I was waiting for for one of them to fall
Don't try this shit at home! What if they gets slide? So that will be the end of Solomon garden.. Even the day i got slides by this snow and i fell down, 1hour i didn't get to my brain. This is 90% risky
I cannot think of any place in the Tokyo area with snow that deep so it has to either be Hokkaido or on the northern part of Honshu.
I've seen two different solutions to this. 1. A propane torch. I know a guy who cut the little tube on a nozzle and made it longer. Then he just climbs up and melts off chunks. 2. There's a company that makes tubing that runs vertically on the roof. Then you run steam through the tube and since there's no insulation, the snow melts and slides off the roof. Both are much easier and faster than what's done in this video. The steam one, can even be done by flipping a switch on the wall.
I don't live in this type of area, but what is the consequence of not removing it and allowing it to melt by itself, as long as it is not covering maybe solar panels etc ...
1. This isn’t satisfyingly all looks like a whole lot of work. 2. How is that much snow on a roof? 3. How much did it snow!!! Stephanie Ryan
I had to do this last year. I fell off two roofs in doing it. But I landed in 6 foot of fluffy snow, nothing broke but had to dig my way out.
In 2014, Boston got a record amount of snow. Nothing compared to other places in the US. It was 9’. Our roofs are built for snow, but I had 4-5’ of accumulation. I hired someone to clear the roof and they were up there with regular shovels. One man on the ground kept a snowblower busy, periodically clearing the entrances. Even with all that, we got water in the house and had to open up the walls replace the insulation, close up the walls and repaint! I had to go through a ten foot canyon of snow to get out of my driveway. It was a tough winter.
I remember doing this on top of the oil tanks in Valdez. Only it was was deeper and we had to use hand saws to cut out refrigeraterator size blocks then slide them down to the edge and dump them . In many spots it took 2 layers to get to the top of the tanks lol
Those of us in Minnesota know all to well, that this is quite common. I have on more than one occasion helped pull snow off the roofs of turkey barns. One year, we even lifted our snow blower onto the roof with a tractor and loader and proceeded to blow it off.
They knocked there ladder down and that amount of snow has now got to be removed from outside doors and windows. Looks strangely satisfying though, well done to those men 👍🏻
Melanie Reece Sellers Sharli Reece remember when I had to do this in North Pole. Wish I had that tool! It was dark and about -30 deg. Had to find the edge with my foot and carry it from the middle of the roof to the edge to dump it. Then use the snow blower to get it away from the foundation. Why did I leave Alaska😳
This is a traditional method that takes a lot of time and effort. A heating system can be used in the roof to be operated in the winter to melt the snow immediately when it falls. A movable roof system can also be moved when you want to remove snow.
I think they should’ve gone up there a little sooner when it wasn’t so deep. Now they have all that mess to clean up down below and I hope they warn people down below that they were doing it.
Derrick, you are so right. I and my sons have done this work more times than I want to remember. In Finland we have special safety equipment, harnesses worn by the snow moving workers. Your are pushing some snow off the roof and suddenly you are taken with an avalanche that can sweep you down to serious injury, even death. But the serious snow is not the fluffy chunks that they pushing off the roof,but the heavy, frozen compacted material.underneath whichthey are leaving. THAT IS THE HEAVY DANGEROUS STUFF. That is what puts the greatest threat to the roof. And God help anyone below who gets hit with a heavy chunk of ice falling from the roof.
This brings back memories when we went to help a Pastor take the snow off the roof and I slipped and fell down,I was sliding down and yelling for my husband ,when I got to the edge of the roof my feet touched all that snow that piled up,that pile saved me from breaking my bones lol,it was scary
We are blessed as we don’t want to go every morning to our roof to do this hard work . Thanks god And appreciate their work
If they live where you get 6 feet of snow the house should have had a steep pitched roof. And when you walk around on a roof shoveling and scraping it damages the shingles/tiles/built up roof and it will leak.