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The fire dept at #schipholairport in #amsterdam practices extinguishing flames on the world’s largest fire training vehicle. Vehicles must reach an aircraft within two minutes anywhere on the huge airport. #firefighters #airplanefires #burningplanes

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30 million flowers & plants are auctioned off here every day at the Royal Flora Market outside Amsterdam. Most product on the 220-football-field-sized floor comes from #kenya; #ethiopia comes in second. Tulips do reach N. America though S. America supplies most...

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Gail Champion🤩
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30 million flowers are sold at auction here every day at the #royalfloramarket outside #amsterdam. Public tours available. Most flowers come from #kenya and #ethiopia and are destined for European markets. Except for tulips, most cut flowers...

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Thanks for this visual of flower distribution. I can only imagine how wonderful the aroma is within the facility. 🌺🌷🌹💐
Been there. Great fun to see.
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3.4 billion roses, 2 billion tulips, & more pass through the #royalfloramarket here outside #amsterdam each year. About half the flowers cone from Kenya. The US is a small market—most flowers for N. America come from S. America. Except tulips.

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Best smelling working place ever -.....just sayin'.....
I could love working there.
Thank you Rudy for sharing this!!
WOW!! Beautiful ❤️
So beautiful!
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Eva Allen Henry
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It’s not all wine & roses on Instagram. Granddaughter Emilie tripped at #netball. Both wrists broken. #bravesmile #brokenwrist #brokenwristsucks

I broke my left wrist at about 13. I thought it was sprained so I didn't even go to the Dr for two days. Never did heal right. Still hurts. Heal well Emilie 😊👍
Oh no....both of them. That's awful. Sending her healing prayers. I broke one of mine in May and I'm still going through Physical Therapy. That's the most important part.
Oh my gosh!!! That smile is amazing despite her pain! Sending healing thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery!
Well, thata a great way to get out if doing school work. Enjoy the pampering. Prayers for the wrist healing as they should.
Yikes. She looks pretty cheerful. When Randy broke one wrist, he didn’t look this happy. Heal fast, girl.
Oh wow, not cool! Cute pic though & with your positive attitude you'll heal sooner than a person with a bad attitude! :) i am so sorry! I just broke me right wrist and i am right handed. Wishing you a speedy recovery!!
Poor kid! Hope she's back to netball soon.
Oh No....Many prayers for a quick mend
How awful, hope she feels better soon and heals quickly.
Omg!! Poor girl. Must be so much pain... Get better soon Emilie. Big hugs.💕
Wishing her a quick and uneventful recovery.
Oh no! I hope she has a quick recovery and is feeling better soon. is bad enough. Hope she heals quickly.
Oh no! So sorry she had that experience. Pray she heals quick quickly. 🙏🏽
Poor lil sweetheart. May she have a speedy recovery and feel better soon.
Get well, Emilie! Enjoy all the attention while you can!
Sorry to hear this. Quick recovery for Emilie!
On the bright side, the perfect time to start learning to play the accordion?
Best wishes for a speedy recovery
Hope and prayers for quick recovery!
double whammy! poor thing -though seems to be handling it like a champ
Poor baby, but she looks very brave.
Brave girl,still smiling Wishing you a speedy recovery
Thank goodness she still has feet.