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Rudy Maxa's World7 days ago

This gives you an idea of the sweep of the beach on #capferret in southwestern France.

That's a lot of sand in which to play. ;)
Rudy Maxa's World
Rudy Maxa's World1 week ago

I think this is my color for this summer.

I used to have a radio show on KIDO in Idaho. It was called "Travel Talk". You were so kind to take the time to be my guest. I was blessed to have a World Famous celebrity on my show. Safe journeys!
Looking good. Love your show but unfortunately we can't get it . ☹️
RM World Travel is a great show I look forward to every week. I really enjoy you with the Careys. Always full of interesting and exciting guests and destinations. A great escape from the regular political news of the week.
Yes.. looks particularly good with your 🌞 glow!
Miss your shows.... you are so informative!!!
Doesn't look a day over 40.
Very smart! I would call that watermelon.
Great color on a slimmer-looking you, Rudy! 💗 your show!
Work it!
Suits you VERy well... I love it.
Very fitting sir!!!
Yes, that is your color. Great choice!
Looks great!
Suits you well!
Wonderful Rudy :) great photo!!!!
Hi Rudy, lookin' good!
I love it! 😁
Perfect ; )
Looking good Rudy!
Looking good!!
Looking good!
Lookin' good, Rudy!
You wear it well.
Rudy Maxa's World
Rudy Maxa's World1 week ago

Heaven! Oyster cabines will deliver shucked, perfect oysters (85 cents/ea) right to your door on #capferret in southwestern France. (Let’s keep it our secret.)

Secret is out, but I'm in Minnesota so it's fair to say I'm not going to do much damage. Slurp-up for Us, here landlocked
Oh wow!!!
Awwww...shucks! 😁💕
Rudy Maxa's World
Rudy Maxa's World1 week ago

With daughter Sarah & the granddaughters on #capferret in southwestern France. Oysters all around!

Great picture and a family to be proud of! Enjoy the warm weather!
Rudy Maxa's World
Rudy Maxa's World1 week ago

Daily Beast & MSNBC Paris journo #csdickey hosted me to lunch at newly renovated 8th floor cafe atop Printemps with grand view of Paris skyline. Beats long lines at the Eiffel Tower!

Chris married Carol, an old GU friend of mine. Hope he might see this and deliver my regards!
Can absolutely agree.