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Rick and Bubba2 days ago

Do you have your Expo tickets yet? Going to be a fun-filled weekend. https://www.rickandbubbaoutdoorexpo.com/

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Rick and Bubba2 days ago

Upon audience request, the Rick & Bubba College Football Pick-em has been set up for the 2018 season. The group "Rick & Bubba Pick-em" can be found at http://fantasy.espn.com/college-football-pickem/2018/en/group?groupID=78017 Top 5 winners receive Rick & Bubba goodies, including Xtreme Club, Golden Tickets, and...

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Rick and Bubba6 days ago

With Buzzbox, you can drink fresh, delicious coffee, that was roasted THIS MONTH (not this year) all while making a difference one cup at a time!!!

Rick and Bubba
Rick and Bubba6 days ago

"Super Tom" our engineer was doing radio tower maintenance and had quite the encounter... 🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍

I hope Super Tom got a super raise for that.
There was no need to kill these snakes. Could've gone about your business. I highly doubt this tower was close enough to people for them to be deemed a threat. Dude literally put himself at more risk attempting to kill these things than if he had just left them alone
Larry Nunnery You may want to check your tower sites lol
Rattlesnakes give live birth.
Burn it to the ground
Grandaddy John Dispennette 😬
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