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Are you looking for a local Louisiana Cajun-style, tell-it-like-it-is conservative radio show that isn’t afraid to challenge elected officials, gives you breaking local and national news and updates, and a whole lot of entertainment? The Moon Griffon Show brings that, and more!

Moon Griffon has a reputation for covering issues and events not shown on TV or reported in regular news. He focuses on where your money is being spent and what the legislature is up to, and brings his unique perspective to a show that is syndicated throughout the great state of Louisiana.

The Voice of Louisiana

Known as “The Voice of Louisiana,” Moon Griffon delivers truthful commentary while adding in humor, wit and entertainment. You can count on hearing regular interviews from local elected officials, state government watchdogs and political analysts to bring you the truth.

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Meet Moon Griffin

Born and raised in Plaquemine, Louisiana, Moon mixes common sense thinking with his own brand of Cajun flavor. He is a graduate of the University of Louisiana at Monroe. An avid fisherman, Moon will travel anywhere to put a hook in the water. He and his wife Tonia live with their 4 children in Monroe.

Moon Griffon is available for public speaking engagements. If you are looking for an entertaining motivational speaker, Moon can provide the spark you need. Combining politics and personal experience with his charming sense of humor and common sense, Moon is guaranteed to delight any audience.

Moon Griffon
Moon Griffon2 days ago

Governor Edwards is bragging about economy.

Women put that ass clown in office because Vitter cheated on his wife... I don't care if Vitter screwed a circus clown on the kitchen table at Thanksgiving dinner, he would have been a hell of a lot better than this piece of work!!
John Bel Edwards claimed to live by the West Point Honor Code I will not lie cheat and steal nor will I tolerate anyone who does When Edwards was campaigning for governor he promised that he wouldn’t raise taxes but the same week he was inaugurated he raised taxes even going on television creating a crisis as an excuse to do so, and he also said that LSU football may have to cancel that year to balance the budget So he’s Honor Code? More like Dishonor Code
It’s amazing how uniformed are you people. You refuse to understand the impact of shale technology and make up this litigation boogeyman. I heard Blake Miquez on your show. Nothing short of reckless ignorance and fear mongering. If you think operating companies leave Louisiana because of litigation and not because of shale lifting costs you are dumb. Corporations have no conscience. Can ANYONE at KPEL or listens actually think for themselves?
He is so out of touch with the taxpayers of Louisiana. He is just trying to convince people to vote for him again. He needs to go and I can't wait. I am ready for someone to Make Louisiana Great Again!!!
We have JBE as Governor because of two men. The republican that ran against him, that openly endorsed him and the republican, that ran against him, that quietly endorsed him. Thank those two for your higher taxes!
What y’all don’t understand is . He and his law firm are making a fortune on the state . He doesn’t care about anyone else but himself . If we re-elect this man , it will be a long up hill climb to get out of the hole he puts us in . I bet he leaves the State once his term is over . He’s a Democrat and doesn’t care unless he is get Rich . He is a Crook !
Always remember that Scott Angelle was a major player in Edwards’ election
The uptick in the nation's economy since Trump became President is dragging Louisiana along with it. And that's good!
Because we have a doofus Democ🐀 for a Governor!
The purple party bus has run over Louisiana and left us dead by the side of the road.
I thought when this All American honor code Socialist took over that he would jail all trial lawyers.💩! Oops he is one!
He is a disgrace to this state, along with his cronies. Taxes at the grocery store are almost as much as the groceries.
This state couldn't kick it's way out of a recession for it's life...
Gee, what changed? When will we finally send this ideology back to the kids table to say??
That’s because edwards is a crooked, lying pile of shit.
Why doesn't Moon run for Governor?? Please.
He just makes it up! Like the “lower” taxes.
Could this man possibly get re-elected again?
Better put a Republican in office this time.
Lousy-Ana , enough said
Family love Michael
I agree Maribeth
Dumbbell Edwards is an idiot
Moon Griffon
Moon Griffon2 weeks ago

Is Landry really running for Governor? Moon sits down with him...

I just wish he would do his job and fix the problem at SPD in North La
Dear Mr Landry, how about doing your current job without pandering to voters and costing the state millions more before talking about any other elected office. You sir, have become a shill
Please, please do!
as the fiddles tune up - the square dance soon to begin-
Mine too Lets go Jeff we need to fix this State !!!
I would vote for him! 🎉
Moon Griffon
Moon Griffon3 weeks ago

Socialism has come to America. Must see

Government does serve a purpose. Poo poo’ing everything is not productive. Also time changes many institutions such as technology and we need to be flexible in how things are managed.
Our daughter was born in a socialist, former communist, country. She had medical needs that were not met, even though it would have been simple to have done so. We adopted a 4 1/2 year old child who was the size and developmental level of the typical American 1 year old. She was simply viewed as being "not worth the trouble and expense of helping". Seeing first hand the way she was treated + the two week trip in her home country to finalize the adoption, told me all I needed to know about socialism: you don't want to live under its rule.
I'd laugh but its too scary to think that these people vote.
Thanks for posting Moon, I can not understand how the folks in this video can say they support something that has been proven not to work, remember if it sounds too good to be true then it most likely is not true(that is Socialism), OPEN YOU EYES FOLKS THERE ARE NO FREE RIDES.
They probably don't even understand her.
Thanks Moon for all you do!
Out of thin air,,,,like all of their ideas.
It’s scary how uneducated about economics these adults are.
My head hurts after watching that 🤦‍♂️
Pooyiy !!! That’s disturbing
Moon Griffon
Moon Griffon shared Stine Home + Yard's post.4 weeks ago

Happy Birthday to Mr. Stine. Thank you for your business!!

Mr. Stine, thank you for your service,,,not only for our Country, but for standing for what is good about America. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
Happy Birthday Mr. Stine! God bless you!
Thank you Mr. Stine. Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday Mr Stein!!!🎉🎉🎉🎉
Moon Griffon
Moon Griffon4 weeks ago
So awesome 😂😂😂😂❤️❤️❤️❤️🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 and she never will be. And Kamala or Elizabeth will never be the First woman President either.
Hope you are enjoying your cruise to Alaska. We got Sept 5th.
Are you really this bored on your cruise?????😳😳😳
I hope y'all are having fun in Alaska
Amen brudda!!
Happy happy happy!!