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Are you looking for a local Louisiana Cajun-style, tell-it-like-it-is conservative radio show that isn’t afraid to challenge elected officials, gives you breaking local and national news and updates, and a whole lot of entertainment? The Moon Griffon Show brings that, and more!

Moon Griffon has a reputation for covering issues and events not shown on TV or reported in regular news. He focuses on where your money is being spent and what the legislature is up to, and brings his unique perspective to a show that is syndicated throughout the great state of Louisiana.

The Voice of Louisiana

Known as “The Voice of Louisiana,” Moon Griffon delivers truthful commentary while adding in humor, wit and entertainment. You can count on hearing regular interviews from local elected officials, state government watchdogs and political analysts to bring you the truth.

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Meet Moon Griffin

Born and raised in Plaquemine, Louisiana, Moon mixes common sense thinking with his own brand of Cajun flavor. He is a graduate of the University of Louisiana at Monroe. An avid fisherman, Moon will travel anywhere to put a hook in the water. He and his wife Tonia live with their 4 children in Monroe.

Moon Griffon is available for public speaking engagements. If you are looking for an entertaining motivational speaker, Moon can provide the spark you need. Combining politics and personal experience with his charming sense of humor and common sense, Moon is guaranteed to delight any audience.

Moon Griffon
Moon Griffon4 days ago

Fake weather report. You can't make this up

Happened today with the leader in Fake News CNN. Anderson Cooper standing in a ditch lol.
And they wonder why we don’t trust the media.
And CNN's Brian Stelter defended him! Yeah, the sidewalk makes a BIG difference. Brian Stelter @brianstelter This looks bad, obviously. But FWIW, in @MikeSeidel's defense, the channel noted that "the 2 individuals in the background are walking on concrete" while he's on wet grass, and he was "undoubtedly exhausted" from constant live shots...
You should see the one with Anderson Cooper standing in the ditch.
Center yellow line on street is visible on Anderson Cooper pic
Fake Weather to go with Fake News...Obama did leave a legacy. LOL
That is so stupid the way they do that. Did you see Anderson Cooper in waist deep water while 2 men are standing in front of him in ankle deep water. Hilarious.
There was a super typhoon that hit the northern island of Luzon in the Philippines.... the winds got up to 185 mph before making landfall. And when it hit was over 155 mph moving at 25 mph heading towards Hong Kong.... I doubt you would see these drama queens leave the safety of their studio
That is PITIFUL!! Even the weather is faked!!
Happened a few years ago with Geraldo Rivera.
Funny they got caught...sad we're being lied to
It is bad when the weather channel can't even report correctly!FAKE NEWS!!!!
These people cannot be trusted to report anything accurately... smh
It just goes to show how corrupt they can be to make a name for themselves
Apply this to ALL news reporting. It is ALL as fake as this. Only for the $.
And the Weather Channel’s credibility, Gone. Poof! Just like that.
What ever happened to facts?
A LITTLE dramatic? lol
I got a kick out of this. He's busted!!
Must be trying out for a job with CNN.
They don’t care. They will win awards for this.
Trump love those tenderonies lol
That is just freaking sad!
More fake news even for the weather, making it look worse so they can say trump didnt do enough
Moon Griffon
Moon Griffon3 weeks ago

8:00 I made a snowman.
8:10 A feminist passed by and asked me why I didn't make a snow woman.
8:15 So, I made a snow woman.
8:17 My feminist neighbor complained about the snow woman's voluptuouschest saying it objectified snow women...

If only it would snow this winter in Louisiana so that I can make a snowman and snow woman. I'd dress them in the usual male and female clothes and put a broom by her side. Then, I'd add a snow boy dressed in blue and a snow girl dressed in pink as their children. Then I'd post it online. Then all hell would happen. Then I would sit back and wonder how on earth this should offend anyone in their right mind.
This would be very funny if it weren’t the truth....such a sad state of affairs that we have allowed our once proud USA to be dragged down to by the “Bleeding Heart Liberal” Democrats !! “😱”...🤨😖😔
If it snowed I would have my Snowman chewing on a big piece of bacon holding up a sign that states....BUILD THAT WALL
Not sure if I want to laugh or cry...I’m pretty sure either one would offend someone.....
9:45 I take down the snowpeople and arrested for demolition without a permit.
Aint it the truth. But you and Eddie know its only temporary and the bible prophecies march on. The signs of things to come and some unstopable preposterous as they seem are and wll happen even our President can't stop.The destruction of Christianity thats the true goal behind all the things going on. One world government. All in the agenda of Saten. Divide and conquer. Mark of the beast. The great computer chip.
Snowpeople are made from snowflakes. Now that’s scary. Bring back Frosty!
Unfortunately, this is the world we live in. Pretty scary to think what it will be like in 10 years.
Be really funny if it weren’t so true lol
This didn't happen in Louisiana. When it snows here, all citizens are instantly UNITED!!!! We are so excited and joyous, we all run outside and roll around it!!!!
Sir, you couldn't have put it any better than what you already have. This is exactly why other countries literally laugh at us Americans.
Should’ve painted it rainbow colors, put a book in its hand. Put some little snowchildren around it, and put a Lafayette Public Library sign in front. Then it would be all good.
I have a saying: Whenever you try NOT to offend someone, you offend someone..
This really goes with the snowflake generation we now live in. Scary to think what it will be like in another 10 years. You see what taking God out of everything has done for us.
Snow is nothing but evil. Hope it stays away from Louisiana this year
And what happens if a dog pees on the snow thing?
Country needs to change for the better! 🇺🇸🇺🇸
You are so right Those of us who care Pray harder
Pandora’s box is now open and we are all doomed!!! Have a nice day. 😱😱
I'd laugh because it's so utterly ridiculous ... but, it's true! Glad I'm old! Don't think I want to be around another 70 years ... I definitely don't want to be reincarnated either! This time around, I'm done!!
Push the Control They can't/ don't control their life And yet,they will/ try to control others. have a happy day 🙃
Oh wow, this says it all. This is, sad to say, how we have become. Oops hope I didn't offend anyone.
This is too funny. Sadly it is also too true.
Way too much coddling of those who are offended by choosing to be offended. Like spoiled children, unhappy because they cannot have everything they want, although that changes moment by moment, so they throw a temper tantrum .
Moon Griffon
Moon Griffon shared a link.3 weeks ago
Moon, happy anniversary. I gotta tell 'ya man, I have loved listening to you since we transferred to Louisiana six years ago, but this place has worn us down. It's not only the taxing by King Dumbell, but the general lassitude which has really run this state into the ground. Sorry to say, but we are seeking to transfer back to Texas.
Anybody got a word count on that ??? Congratulations !
Happy Anniversary Moon! I’m glad that I had the privilege of being a brief passenger during your wild ride on the airwaves!
Moon! Congrats on the achievement! Look forward to seeing you again soon!
Thanks Mr. MOON for all your hard work. Love that Moon show
Congratulations love your radio program and still miss you and your minime son at church..
Congratulations buddy
One of my all time favorite people!!!!!
Congratulations on 25 great years, hope you have 25 more!!! I would like to see or maybe I should say hear you interview some of the people running third party this year for the fifth congressional district, even the one that got arrested after filing! Lol I think it could be interesting at least. They say he was impersonating a officer by claiming to be the police chief for the Choctaw Indians. But mostly I get tired of this dual-monarchy of Republicans and Democrats, I would like to hear a new voice and I think Louisiana might be primed for it.
Congrats Moon !!!
Congratulations for all these years fighting for the little man. Press the fight as always. Thin Blue Line supports you.
Congratulations 🌙 🌚 🌝 Moon🎉 wow 25 years !
Yes I listened to that show. Great as always. Enjoy it so much. Live here in Shreveport but I’m from Rayne.
Congratulations Moon. From one of your original 9 & 1/2 listeners lol. GOD Bless and keep up the good work.
Love the show. Hate the intro music. In my opinion it's like nails on a chalkboard. The pitch is too high. Please bring it down a little. I miss part of the program because I change channels as soon as I hear it. That I don't like . Still love the content of the show.
Congratulations Moon. I've been with you since the beginning on KPEL. Thanks for all the information that the Media does not and will not tell us. Hopefully the next 25 will even be better.
Congratulations Moon!!! I remember listening to your first radio show... and for some reason I’m still listening today. I hope you have many more. 👏🏻🎂👏🏻
Congrats!! We listen to you everyday. You are the voice of hard working, God fearing people. We hope you are around many more years! God Bless!!
Congratulations from the town of Blanchard La
Congratulations Moon! Love the show and listen every chance I get!.
Keep Rocking for another 25 Moon!!
Congratulations, Moon Griffon!! Proud and honored to have been one of your earlier listeners, 25+ years ago! ;) Well done, my friend!
Great Guy with a name like that how could you not be a Good guy
Congratulations Moon!
Congratulations Moon
Moon Griffon
Moon Griffon4 weeks ago

Sen John Alario continues to destroy our state and take care of his buddy's. He must go Please read

Lets vote him out
Republicans going after republicans make my day so keep up the good work you are right the republican john alario got to be defeated by the democrats so he will no longer be the senate president.its so good to see you all destroy one another kmsl
Do your own research and don’t let an opinionated article be your only source of information. Cab companies have to spend big money to operate. They have to get Public Service Commission authority, operate at PSC prescribed rates. Cab drivers have to have a cab license with a verified background check. Uber and Lyft say they do background checks, but I know of a couple of people that said they signed up and went to work immediately. There’s no way they were thoroughly checked that fast. If Uber and Lyft want to complete with cab companies, they should have to follow the same rules.
When I his appointment was set for election by the senate. I emailed my Senator Fred Mills. I said “in my opinion John Alario was not a conservative and I didn’t want him to vote John Alario as leader of the senate.” I remember my words, as far as T-Fred’s words in reply, I will have to improvise. I don’t remember Fred Mills’ reply exactly. But, basically I was told that he felt Alario WAS a conservative and he felt, that “John” would do a great job. Well, I thought Fred Mills was supposed to listen to the people of his district not John Alario? Either way, Fred Mills is as much a part of this problem as his buddy John Alario is.
Typical !
Yes, his Buddy Fred Mills( a Democrat in republican clothing) definitely supports him and continues to stab the people in Louisiana in the back while he jumps on certain radio stations and tells his lies!!
Drain the swamp
Who keeps voting for this idiot!!
It's all about them, the publics needs don't matter to them.
In the proud tradition of Huey and Edwin, oh and The Fee!
Cabs are dirty, Uber’s are clean; Uber’s are easy to pay digitally, cabs are a pain. Uber’s are a better value for citizens. Cab Commissions and Cabs are dinosaurs.
Senator John alario is typical republican
Probably not getting his kickback
There’s a group of them that must go
This guy has been in forever.
Moon Griffon
Moon Griffon4 weeks ago

Come see us at Peggy Sullivan - State Farm Agent on Louisville in Monroe as we celebrate 25 years of broadcasting! Thank you to all of the stations, advertisers and most importantly, you, the listeners for a fantastic fun filled 25 year ride. We've only...

Last year trimming my garage door I found kpel this year I listened to 25 year show while shingling my roof Moon you’re the ice cream...Carols the syrup👏🏻
Congratulations!! Keep up the good work!!
Congratulations Keep Broadcasting we will keep listening 👍🏻!!
Moon, Keep up the good work.
Great show Moon. I listened while driving.
Congratulations Peggy !
Congrats, good job Moon!