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Are you looking for a local Louisiana Cajun-style, tell-it-like-it-is conservative radio show that isn’t afraid to challenge elected officials, gives you breaking local and national news and updates, and a whole lot of entertainment? The Moon Griffon Show brings that, and more!

Moon Griffon has a reputation for covering issues and events not shown on TV or reported in regular news. He focuses on where your money is being spent and what the legislature is up to, and brings his unique perspective to a show that is syndicated throughout the great state of Louisiana.

The Voice of Louisiana

Known as “The Voice of Louisiana,” Moon Griffon delivers truthful commentary while adding in humor, wit and entertainment. You can count on hearing regular interviews from local elected officials, state government watchdogs and political analysts to bring you the truth.

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Meet Moon Griffin

Born and raised in Plaquemine, Louisiana, Moon mixes common sense thinking with his own brand of Cajun flavor. He is a graduate of the University of Louisiana at Monroe. An avid fisherman, Moon will travel anywhere to put a hook in the water. He and his wife Tonia live with their 4 children in Monroe.

Moon Griffon is available for public speaking engagements. If you are looking for an entertaining motivational speaker, Moon can provide the spark you need. Combining politics and personal experience with his charming sense of humor and common sense, Moon is guaranteed to delight any audience.

Moon Griffon
Moon Griffon1 day ago
She said we could land on the sun but we had to do it at night. Lol
That’s funny right there
Hahaha. Adam and I both laughed at that one.
I take the one on the Left.
This is so sad but so true. The people in New York who voted for her is as ignorant as she is.
As Edith Bunker once said — capital punishment was ok if it wasn’t too severe.
That’s about right (SMDH)
Best one yet
Good one Mr Moon!!!
I love it!
she is so ridiculous.
That’s funny
Ha Ha
Connie Fant Shore
Billy Hattaway this is for you!😂
Dumb, dumber, dumbest
Moon Griffon
Moon Griffon2 days ago
Why don't he just build it himself like he claims he can?
He could fund the government now and negotiate the border security funding! Now you know the second would never happen! Seems like we’ve been through this before! It’s a trick!
Didn't think I could love my President any more...I was wrong.
If Mexico is paying for the wall and it comes out of our pockets does that make us Mexican? If so do we still need a wall? If so, then is Mexico paying for the wall?
Imagine being Moon Griffon and not understanding how literally anything works.
Problem solved!!!
Great idea love it
He should
Moon Griffon
Moon Griffon5 days ago
This makes sense. It’s going to bring out what’s not needed for sure. Smaller government would be great. This makes sense
Where does the Bible say it has gates, a wall, etc? Trying to check scripture.
Fact: Mexico has been at war with us for decades. Landmines are cheaper with explosive results. Once we finished using Mexico to help with labor, they will not cross in exchange for help with development of a new economic wheel. If we still need a wall after we #CleanUpAmerica and all nations following, then we can build a big beautiful wall when we are out of debt. 🤔
Wonder how many REALLY realize that. Some will, some won't. I really feel sorry for those who do not accept this.
What do you think of this logic Moon?
Moon likes to go back and forth between telling outright lies and engaging in childish buffoonery. It's gotten all too easy to fact check Moon after listening to him for over a year now. If he uses a number or numbers, he's lying. If he repeats himself more than three times while discussing the same issue, he's lying. He can't even find the ounce of integrity it would take to stop calling the "establishment" or "corporate" media the "mainstream" media. This would fly in the face of his pro-business propaganda. Propaganda is Moon's bread and butter you see, and he's scraping the bottom of the barrel these days attempting to justify it. You can't be pro-business and pro- the people, it's one or the other. Moon cares about himself first and foremost, his attempts to cloud this fact become more apparent every day as he bends over backward to carry Trump's water. No honest person with any integrity can agree with an elected official on every issue and with everything that elected official says for two years without fail. Moon somehow managed to fail upwards into an ivory tower that he now preaches from, a true hypocrite.
Moon Griffon
Moon Griffon1 week ago
Love it!! Love your talk show Mr Moon!!
The time is now for a wall. The Democrats will never attempt to bring this to the table ever again. Do it now. #buildthewallnow
Yep, they totally don't have saws in Mexico.. Great idea.
Good one Moon
If you build it they shall dig tunnels under it republican griffon bots maybe trump can use his daddies money or the money putin let him get thru the russian banks to bail him out of his 4 bankruptcies thru his failed business ventures kmgdmfsl
Love this shirt!!!
Love it !!!!! Simply awesome
Yah. Ask jimbo acosta
Love it!!!!!!!!
Love it.
Lucille Holden Campbell
Moon Griffon
Moon Griffon3 weeks ago
And that's what ya get when you deal with common core math.
Alabama would rip ucf a new one.
They might could beat Notre Dame
With 8 defensive starters out!
He must be a democrat!
Another OU failure flappin those gums
Well, one thing is for sure. Their cheerleaders were the ugliest of any bowl teams i’ve Seen.
LOL, LSU gave them at least 14 pts.
Hell they played against LSU's defensive pratice squad and their offense only scored 18 points against them. Feeling pretty good about LSU's defense next year!!!!!
I thought they said they were playing for the National Championship in the Fiesta Bowl. That makes LSU the National Champs!
And they played LSU’s practice squad. Great achievement. 🤣
Did he really say this or is this a joke???
And UCF was playing LSU's second and third string defense lol
True, and I appoint myself King of the World. Thank you very much!
Wouldn’t that mean they have to share it with Florida, Bama, and Texas A&M?
... and LSU was down how many starters?
Yea but...they LOST!!!
What a joke he is
What was he smokin?
Sounds legit!