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Following a stint as a ticket salesman for Major League Baseball’s Kansas City Royals, in the mid-1980s, Limbaugh landed a job as an on-air host at KFBK in Sacramento, California, with the help of a radio executive friend. There, Limbaugh took over Morton Downey Jr.’s slot, and met with success when his ratings surpassed his predecessor’s. Less than a year later, Limbaugh became known as Sacramento’s top radio host.

In 1987, the Federal Communications Commission repealed a long-standing rule known as the Fairness Doctrine, which required both television and radio stations to air for an equal amount of time each side to a political argument. The repeal of the Fairness Doctrine ultimately paved the way for Limbaugh’s now-distinct, politically conservative radio style to take shape. Not long after, the on-air host left KFBK for a position at the ABC Radio Network, bringing his newfound fame with him, as well as a reputation for having strong, right wing ideologies.

The Rush Limbaugh Show, nationally syndicated from New York City by ABC Radio, premiered on August 1, 1988. Known for its heavy political focus and sometimes extreme conservative slant, The Rush Limbaugh Show has been on the air for more than two decades and is credited today as the highest-rated American talk radio program. The show is currently syndicated by Premiere Radio Networks, and can be heard on nearly 600 stations nationwide.

In addition to his success on the radio, Limbaugh makes regular appearances as a political commentator on various TV programs, and has authored a number of magazine articles and books, including 1992’s best-selling The Way Things Ought to Be and 1993’s See, I Told You So. “It’s my job, it’s my life, it’s my career, it’s my passion,” Limbaugh once said about his politically charged career as a radio host, commentator and writer. “I’m doing what I love. I think I’m doing what I was born to do. I have no specific goals from this point forward. I never have had specific goals. I’ve always thought, ‘I know generally what I want to do. I want to be in media, I want to be in radio.’ It’s what I love. It’s what I do best. And I’m open to all opportunities that come my way.”

Limbaugh was inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame in 1993.

Rush Limbaugh
Rush Limbaugh6 hours ago

What Trump ought to do is an arena and don't do a rally, but a literal State of the Union address and talk about State of the Union and Democrats' role in destroying it or damaging it.

President Trump. We should all add his title when addressing anything to or about him. Not "TRUMP" but "President Trump" or "POTUS TRUMP" or "PDJT".
Great idea. Thousands of people would show up and we wouldn’t have to watch Pelosi suck her teeth through the whole thing.
Puerto Rican’s For President Trump 2020!🇺🇸🙏🏼
I vote President Trump has it in Bowling Green, Ohio. Home to a leftist university that President Reagan visited, where Mitt Romney announced his loser candidacy, 3 Guatamalan illegals kidnapped 2 teenage girls staying in a hotel, and a school board member travelled to Michigan so she could bail out an illegal from a detention center. Oh and did I mention Kasich is now a "former governor"?
Yes. Line up Washington DC millions will be there. Speak not to Congress but the American people. We don't need Congress in it's present condition nor leadership.
Great idea! Who wants to look at that sour puss sitting behind him for the whole speech!
Could Dummycrats be classified as domestic terrorists? Getting close.
Its tyranny! The liberal Democrats own all the news media outlets, newspapers and then they want to silence Trump from speaking! Then call Trump Hitler?
The Democrats are getting dangerous. FBI and secret service needs to keep watch. AND I want to know why Pelosi needs to travel overseas. Not in her job description
I totally agree! President Trump is the best President! Please build the wall!
Pick the biggest venue in California and he'll still fill the seats - standing room only.
Never forgot what Democrsts we’re capable of in attacking and purposefully trying to destroy Judge Kavanaugh.. with a star “witness” who had no proof of claim but was,considered to be a “ credible witness” to her own unsubstantiated accusations. Harris and Gillibrand led the chants of ‘belief without proof, guilty until proven innocent’ while Blumenthal twisted every legal term to be unrecognizable to Yale Law school professors! And Feinstein orchestrated the entire diss o AND leaked confidential info to the press!
Make a State of the Union adress at a rally and call out the democrats again and demand that they end their 2 year temper tantrum!
I totally agree, great idea. I can see the lefty loons losing their minds right now.
End the address with the question: Who is John Galt?
That would be awesome !!!! Imagine, the LEFT going nuts and no hecklers to interrupt a video of the left approving the wall years ago and now...
LOVE IT! They would NEVER deny him their Chambers again!
Well, you hit on Nancy's worst nightmare...
I disagree...we HAVE to include Democrats so everyone can... their true colors to millions of people. Repetition Rush...they have to see them!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Do a rally in front of a green screen with the founding fathers seated behind him!
He should just do the SotU. Business as usual. #StayStrong #MAGA
Quit trying to run the country, Rush 😂
The only problem is CSPAN and Fox News are the only news outlets that would broadcast it. The media would only report Dems making fun of Trump saying he is afraid to go before Congress.
Most know this!!!! Fire the congress that doesnt want to work!!
Tush the only ones who will hear it is the Republicans that wont wotk
Rush Limbaugh
Rush Limbaugh7 hours ago

Millennials are a bunch of cheapskates, and on my tech blogs, it's the lead story.

But they'll spend $1,000 on the latest phone, or buy overpriced coffee and craft beer.
Netflix has to now pay the Obamas salary.....
If millennial's are cheap socialism is in trouble.
Don’t they realize Michelle & Barrack don’t come cheap?
I wont give a dime to openly leftist companies who try to destroy the constitution
I just hate that 50 million dollars of the money is going to the Obama's.....
Millennials are not necessarily cheap, they are poor budgeters with no grasp on priorities or the actual value of a dollar. They'll pay $7 for coffee at Starbucks, $100 for ripped jeans, etc etc if they spent their money WISELY it would go farther.
I cancelled Netflix and soon as Rice and the Obamas became involved. But here's the thing, Netflix is a service that you don't need. If you like it and want to keep it, fine. If you think it's not worth the $13, then cancel it. Not everything has to be an issue!
They have to pay the OBamas the big bucks. Jarrett says so
I wonder how they would react if their Social Security check remained the same for three years straight.
I could not care less about netflix. Don't have it, and will not get it.
Really? Fourteen bucks per month is a burden? If fourteen dollars makes or breaks may be time to reassess your life.
Thats the next Dem campaign promise...FREE NETFLIX
Well netflix is a want not a need so if you don't like the price cancel it.
~ They have big salaries to cover with Susan Rice and the Obamas on the payroll!
How about if we all go back to the days of no television and you actually sit outside on the stoop talk to your neighbors and have a potluck. Whatever happened to family games, outdoor activities excetera?
It angers us old foggies, too. They were $7.99 within the last couple of years and now they're going be $13.99... fixed-income, you know.
$13.00 a month for Netflix. It costs more than that to take in a movie at a theater. With Netflix I can watch all of the movies I want without the added expenses of one trip to the movies. I can also walk out on, turn off, any movie for any reason and not feel bad about it.
only because of parental neglect. this term in the 80's was completely shocking
Nothing is free in life they hook you and book you! BUILD THE WALL!
I have Netflix but just got Amazon Prime so may cancel Netflix. I also have Spectrum cable TV basic. When my special pricing runs out next year may cut the cable and just have antenna TV, Amazon and internet. I'm way past the milennial age. I don't know about any $13.99 rate, mine is a little over $19 a month. I get 1 DVD mailed at a time and 2 screens streaming.
I wouldn't subscribe to Netflix for the various reasons that are floating out there. 10 billion $ worth of debt, and king size contract to the Obama's.
Good, maybe everyone angered by the prices will find something more constructive to do with their time than binge-watch stuff that makes other people rich.
Have to have a job to make money For the give me generation big decisions whether buy video games or a useless subscription
In ways its not all bad. Of course we are cheap that's the way we were taught. If you're cheap early on in life you get to enjoy the finer things later in life from the money we save.
Rush Limbaugh
Rush Limbaugh8 hours ago

Any time people that have never done something get a job doing it, that's great for everybody.

Naw, didn’t work with Obama, he managed to ruin everything & we are still paying the consequences!
Brian Moore it’s a great move there was no top tier coaches available the players respect him and they played better than anyone in the division the last 8 games I only question getting rid of Williams but picked up some other really good staff the old Browns are gone I prey
Call me
A good Alabama Football alum!!
Freddie the Bama man RTR
He's a Dawg's DAWG!!!!!
Robert Dooley thoughts?
Great Commentary!
Rush Limbaugh
Rush Limbaugh9 hours ago

This is an op-ed written by Victoria Toensing and her husband, Joe diGenova. And it basically rehashes things that we have talked about for months and months here about the deep state.

If there is so much desperation to get Trump there is something very big they are hiding. I've never seen so many people so adamantly against one man in my life. I'm convinced whatever it is it’s big and it’s not good.
It's actually a coup against AMERICA!! Donald Trump is actually between us and them trying to defend AMERICA.
I disagree. This is not a silent coup! It’s a loud, in your face, disgraceful coup!
I love this couple. They know the drill. Glad we have them to speak the truth about the legal aspects of the deep state corruption.
They nailed it! This is exactly how I felt listening to the Barr hearings! The Dems want to “get Trump” by whatever means it takes....lies, innuendo, unnamed sources, etc. The thing is, most Americans see it for what it is - a well orchestrated political coup
These two are two Great Americans, in my opinion!
It isn’t actually a coup if Trump is still in office. It is an attempted coup!Failure failure failure on the Democrat side
The "Quiet Coup" started in 2008 by Barry Soetoro a.k.a. Barack Hussein Obama and when Crooked Killary the Coup became not so quiet.
Joe and Victoria have been working so hard for 2 years now and God bless them noth for doing so. I just hope and pray that there hard work is not all for NOTHING. THE COREIPTION MUST BE EXPOSED!!!.
Communists is what they really area or better known as the NWO
Most people in the Deep State do not self identify as political activist cause they are career Federal employees and consider themselves a higher Class of citizens. Above an American minorities working at Walmart. Or a corporation that is not CNN or another liberal company.
Guess Drumphuk just wanted television time-- NO mention of the MANY MANY government workers not getting their paycheck-- (Drumphuk does not care) and NOTHING of any substance offered plus still included a useless, inefficient, and unnecessary wall that he claimed Mexico was going to pay for but now says WE have to make the downpayment! (hilarious NOW he tries to say it will pay for itself- like when it is finished, he will send a bill to it and it will respond with payment)???? What an @$$hole he is! So after his BIG speech- we are the same place we were beforehand-- guess only HAS to have attention drawn to him!
We are awaiting to see if Mueller is going to continue the corruption going on in the Intelligence Agency or if he is man enough to begin putting respect back into the thousands that work for the FBI.
yep, we all know what has been going on!!!
These two are awesome to listen to. They know it ALL.
great work from these two....they know their stuff....good to hear the truth....
Exactly what's been happening...when will justice begin?
These 2 are the best legal minds ever!!
Hopefully complicit media will someday pay for their abuse of Constitutional protections with blood.
. lib-dems only focus, only agenda, is tearing down President Trump, like a bunch of jackals.
HEY LIMBO your paranoid ! If a deep state existed , they would have gotten rid of the psycho clown in the white house long ago !
Rush, did you see how many billions we obummer gave to Israel????? Unreal and are citizens suffer!!!!!!!
When rush cops to being a state media mouthpiece for “months and months”
Is Victoria Toensing a transvestite?
Rush Limbaugh
Rush Limbaugh9 hours ago

We don't get opportunities like this one presents, and I just… I hope he sticks to it.

The DEMOCRATS Won't take it. But, The President is showing Leadership by offering a Compromise!! Put Something on the table DEMOCRATS!!! Before Trump Has to Do this ON HIS OWN!! AND HE CAN!!!!!
The President just pulled the pin on a Hand Grenade and threw it on Peloski's desk, Now what is she going to do with it.
He didn’t. He said it will get done one way or another. I Love our president!!
Super leadership in this speech. If they don't come to the table now, there is a concrete offer the American people have heard . . . next step national emergency if Democrats won't come to the table. ART OF THE DEAL!
If he caves we are done as Republicans...this is epic and he always proves to be one step ahead....soooo...lets support our President!
I agree! Stand strong, President Trump!
Trump supported Pelosi becoming Speaker because he KNEW she would lie about her willingness to be bipartisan. Her true nature is there for all to see. It is obvious the shutdown is all on Pelosi.
I stand behind you President Trump!! Don’t open the Government. I just wish it affected the Congress men and women pay too. Then things would be different. ❤️🇺🇸
Shutdown Pelosi said it was a non-starter BEFORE the president gave his speech!! That tells you a lot!!
He didn't. Keep watching. Love my President. He is making his moves with class and precise strategy
Excellent advice. I think I will search contact President Trump and let him know that I have his back and ask him to stand strong.
If the dems turn this offer down he should build the wall
Stand your and American peoples ground M President.!! BUILD THE WALL !! ( good bye democrap votes )
Totally agree. We wouldn’t be seeing this resistance and obstruction from the Dimms if this had happened before mid term elections. 2020 isn’t that far away and Liberals are going to get torched unless they change course.
There is now enough democratic senators willing to go against nanchuck to win the vote for the wall.
I love my PRESIDENT TRUMP he is trying to keep America safe
Stand strong, mr. President! Get the money for the wall first! The people are with you! We want America secure! The wall will help!
Stay firm and strong!!!! We the people are with you!!!!!!
President put it back on the socialist dems.but Pelosi tweeted no wall.
meanwhile 376 people dug under a border fence today in Arizona . . . SMH
I'm for the wall and strong border security, but the people affected by this shutdown do not make the kind of money Rush makes. He sounds arrogant and insensitive.
No it’s a fight you are going to win.
Stand firm Mr. President!! We stand with you, all the way!!👍
Don't give in. You will have no leverage if the gov gets back open. Stand tall and you have this.