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Following a stint as a ticket salesman for Major League Baseball’s Kansas City Royals, in the mid-1980s, Limbaugh landed a job as an on-air host at KFBK in Sacramento, California, with the help of a radio executive friend. There, Limbaugh took over Morton Downey Jr.’s slot, and met with success when his ratings surpassed his predecessor’s. Less than a year later, Limbaugh became known as Sacramento’s top radio host.

In 1987, the Federal Communications Commission repealed a long-standing rule known as the Fairness Doctrine, which required both television and radio stations to air for an equal amount of time each side to a political argument. The repeal of the Fairness Doctrine ultimately paved the way for Limbaugh’s now-distinct, politically conservative radio style to take shape. Not long after, the on-air host left KFBK for a position at the ABC Radio Network, bringing his newfound fame with him, as well as a reputation for having strong, right wing ideologies.

The Rush Limbaugh Show, nationally syndicated from New York City by ABC Radio, premiered on August 1, 1988. Known for its heavy political focus and sometimes extreme conservative slant, The Rush Limbaugh Show has been on the air for more than two decades and is credited today as the highest-rated American talk radio program. The show is currently syndicated by Premiere Radio Networks, and can be heard on nearly 600 stations nationwide.

In addition to his success on the radio, Limbaugh makes regular appearances as a political commentator on various TV programs, and has authored a number of magazine articles and books, including 1992’s best-selling The Way Things Ought to Be and 1993’s See, I Told You So. “It’s my job, it’s my life, it’s my career, it’s my passion,” Limbaugh once said about his politically charged career as a radio host, commentator and writer. “I’m doing what I love. I think I’m doing what I was born to do. I have no specific goals from this point forward. I never have had specific goals. I’ve always thought, ‘I know generally what I want to do. I want to be in media, I want to be in radio.’ It’s what I love. It’s what I do best. And I’m open to all opportunities that come my way.”

Limbaugh was inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame in 1993.

Rush Limbaugh
Rush Limbaugh2 hours ago

Obviously, you have Samantha Guerry who wants to support her bud, her BFF, Christine Blasey Ford. But she’s not getting anywhere near naming Kavanaugh. You note? That’s the take-away here. In fact, she makes it very clear not Kavanaugh.

Mr. Limbaugh you have got to see this for what it is... It's a stall method. She never said anything in 36 years and now that he's about to be voted in she voices up. Instead of facing her accuser tomorrow, she wants a long drawn-out FBI investigation so that he will not be appointed before the elections in November. If the vote was now and none of this happened he would be in... And passed. If this so-called Big Blue Wave hits and November... It would not get in. They are stalling and praying for the Blue Wave in November. After 36 years don't you think she would want to face her accuser and get Justice?
It takes 2 to tango, why is it that women are always blaming the men? If you act like a Christian lady in might not have happened.
Sure does blow a hole in the professor's story.
Good Lord! Every guy who went to school with Judge Kavanaugh is now a suspect. Will all these women now come forward and start accusing them? It must have been quite the scene in those days if “ everyone” was moles!ed!
Many guys in school tried to get to 1st base,,, girls usually said no,,wake up people
So....what are the chances Judge Kavanaugh will get an apology???? That’s what I thought chance
All of a sudden after 35 years Christine Blasey comes forth. Her detailed letter was on Yahoo for anyone to look at.......So You hated the town you lived in.Haven't we all, when we were young, . Now let me think, you suppressed all of this up until now. Maybe earlier than we thought. Do you have any proof in what your're saying?..When a woman can't remember anything,that has happen to her years ago, I would think, not unless she has a personality like the three faces of Eve who was diagnosed with a multi personalities Are You that woman? Even children who have been molested at an early age, They never forget because they can't forget what has happen to them. As Woman to Woman. It's hard for me to believe that you aren't being honest with us.
Who the hell raised these women supposedly by the leaders of woman lib movement. We've all had similar degrees of this story. Im at least 10 yrs older than Dr Ford. This sounds like BS to me
Wonder why she didn't want to testify under oath?
I’m surprised CNN aired it Update- all the news outlets are spinning the interview and saying the exact opposite.... that this woman is supporting Ford in the accusation WTH
Chuck Schumer may need Spartacus for this one. VOTE RED
Another Nothingburger served up by the Left and CNN. What else could we expect?
What a stunt thats going really bad for the dem's !!
She even knows the woman’s is lying. These communist have no honor. Even though she knows her friend is lying she’ll still come on TV for her 10 mins of fame. The personality types of these people is very troubling. Our culture seems to be producing more and more self centered types that it ever has. The more of those type personality types our culture produces the closer we will get to dictatorship.
Yeah like girls never acted inappropriately, lmao I have seen girls jump guys at parties and basically try to rape them. This goes both ways girls are not saints. It's just that most guys can live with it without all the drama.
There you go folks, the truth shall prevail. Ms Ford has not claimed she was raped. Just groped. But apparently is was NOT Brett Kavanaugh.
She’s correct- we all got at least somewhat molested at parties. Maybe we should have been pickier about chaperones?
It appears from statements from this woman, that the lucky ones were the unpopular girls who were not invited to these drunk fest
Some people keep assuming that only women are traumatized. Men can be too and there are some women who do rage traumatizing.
OK, she says he was drunk. Then why did she followed him to a bedroom? Assuming it was in a bedroom! 😠
Yes, she said it occurred to other girls, but not by Kavanaugh.
She’s on CNN. What else would you expect to see on the fake news network??
Let's make every man in America sweat.... Seriously, some congressmen needs to remember every detail of their lives and hope like crazy...
Good Lord! everyone who went to school with judge Zis now a suspect!
Everyone got molested...what an interesting statement.
Rush Limbaugh
Rush Limbaugh2 hours ago

Senator Hirono: "But really, guess who’s perpetuating all of these kinds of actions? It’s the men in this country, and I just want to say to the men of this country, 'Just shut up and step up. Do the right thing for a change.'”

How do biased people like you get elected? Who votes for people like you? If some man told you to " sit down and shut up" I bet you you would be calling the FBI.Why don't you take your own advice and sit down and shut up.
"Apart from people kicked in the head by a horse, name one human, ever, from the dawn of time, dumber than Sen. Mazie Hirono." - Ann Coulter
You Democrats are making a mockery of The United States Senate! All of you should be before the ethics committee for your behavior! I am ashamed to be witnessing this side show! Confirm Kavanaugh!
Senator Hirono: YOU shut up. I'm tired of you and your crew of hench witches making the rest of us women look bad. Screw you and the broom you rode in on.
Lad.y, you do not speak for all women, your attitude needs adjusting. What are you going to say when the facts in this case come out that there are not facts involved. We will be waiting for your apology to all MEN.
No! Don’t shut up! They’re plenty of capable, great men in our country, who do the right thing everyday! That’s the most condescending, disrespectful rant I’ve ever heard! What a stupid broad!
She doesn’t show aloha! I am a Hawai’i resident. She doesn’t represent me. Does she realize that men can be victims, too?
Ok my friends, time for that RED TSUNAMI so we can shut up her and all her cronies demorats. GO VOTE!!!
Whew!! Does Hawaii have men living there ? Sounds like she hates half of her constituents. Liberals are just wacky
Sure has been a lot of female teachers busted screwing their male students. Like racism this isnt a one way street where only one side is guilty of all wrong doings 🤔🤔
You are a crazy but case. I was a paralegal student and during a lesson study I found a huge problem. It seems that one women claimed that 3 different men rapped her. Each man was quickly found guilty and sent to prison. Yet, I was able to ascertain that the woman resented that these men refused to have sex with her. These 3 men are now free but, they are still listed as sexual preditors and she has never been. Charged with filing false report. Thisoo is totally wrong and needs to be stopped now
Sounds like she has some gender issues! If a make Senator said the same think about Females there would be a rush to impeach. What's good for the gander is ditto for the goose
And it’s women who make false accusations. What’s your point? False accusations have been around since the beginning of time. Remember Potiphar’s wife? To say every woman should be believed on the basis of her word 30+ year’s later is ludicrous. Especially given the circumstances of this sudden accusation.
I just want to say that she DOES NOT speak for the women of this country.
Was it a man who ran Bill Clinton’s “War Room” in the White House to smear and persecute women trying to bring his sexual predations to light and obtain justice for their grievances? No, it was Hillary Clinton, Hirono’s party’s 2016 presidential nominee and former Secretary of State who took personal emoluments in exchange for favorable treatment of the Russians, including giving away 20-percent of our national uranium reserves. Mazie the Misandrist, just STFU!
Hirono leads the Democrats war on families. What a disgraceful thing for anyone who is charged with the care of all Americans. She just insulted about half of all Americans, and I think she should be reminded that all of the other half has or had a father. Brain dead? There is no defense for her ignorance. Sorry Hawaii, this one is your fault.
That is sexist and bigoted. Hirono is smug and condescending, she decimates any moral position to lecture men.
No you shut up. Why don’t YOU do the right thing for a change and tell your fellow Democrats to stop this charade of false charges and lies.
Hey old bag, most men are responsible, loving husbands, fathers and all around good guys! So glad I never ran into a feminazi like you!
Correct me if I am wrong. Wasn't it 9 men in black robes that guaranteed your right to abortion on demand? Would you have preferred them to shut up? I realize that women's suffage went on for decades, but again correct me if I am wrong. Since women weren't allowed to vote and only one woman, a republican from Montana, was in Congress at the time, wasn't it men that passed the 19th Amendment allowing women the right to vote? Seems to me that you got where you are because men had the wisdom to do the right thing back then, or would it have been better for them to just "Shut up"?
"Mazie", you shut up and get ready to vote..........the vote will happen this week, coming up, Grassley and McConnell guaranteed it! TRUMP202O
Without men, Honey, you would not be here! Just keep talking like a pack of lunatics! We will see a Red Wave!
Wait until it becomes 'female on female'. Somebody will accuse a female in political office of touching them inappropriately. If hearsay is what they go on today, none of them are safe from being 'accused', even 30-40 years later. Maybe they will 'accuse', but want to stay anonymous. A lot of female teachers are being charged with assault these days too) Not just male on female.
The right thing would be to ignore and dismiss the accusers’ 35 year old fictional account as she is clearly serving as a political operative for the increasingly pathetic and desperate Dems.
If I might ask the Senator a simple question, with all due respect of course. Do the letters FO mean anything to you? :)
Rush Limbaugh
Rush Limbaugh2 hours ago

You come from a world of decency and honor and common sense, it’s a bygone era. We’re now in the #MeToo movement where there are exceptions, but for the most part the woman says it and you have to believe it, at least...

A society that accepts guilt without evidence is doomed to abandon the rule of law in its entirety
The Democratic presidential nominee for 2020 (to be determined) sexually assaulted me 35 years ago. I remember it like it was yesterday! If he/she assaulted you as well, share this post. Justice must be served! I call for an FBI investigation.
I think the #METOO, SJW movement is a sexual assault on men.
We are a nation of laws.. innocent until proven guilty... not guilty because a rogue media chooses winners and losers!
I am so thankful that I live in a rural red state...that insanity has not hit here yet. May it never arrive.
Constitutional law states you have the presumption of Innocence until you are PROVEN GUILTY !! Not the other way around period !! I can accuse you of anything I choose, it doesn’t make it so !!!!
To all Floridians vote Andrew Gillum for governor for the State of Florida !
You lost me at common sense!! You can’t teach this stuff!!! These people are stupid on their own!!!!!!
It's just all too crazy. Too much power. I don't believe it at all.
If it smells like a set up then it is a set up
Not this woman!
It is amazing how many men just accept the accusation and take the story of physical or sexual abuse as truth. I guess that women have won the gender war and men have given-up, surrendered. It would appear that boys don't even want to identify as male and would rather identify as female. Even our public schools are teaching kindergarten students that they are free to identify who they are sexually. As an "old school" grandmother all of the cultural changes are very troubling to me.
I am furious with the "me too" movement in the media, who pretend to fight for the civil rights of citizens, but constantly are on defense, never providing the knock out argument that should shame, that should deny the abilities of modern Democrats (and some Republicans), providing the common sense that people like Chuck Schumer and Hillary Clinton, should be flipping hamburgers, they were a waste of resources becoming graduates of law school for what seems the express purpose of destroying the US Constitution? Prove me wrong Democrats? Thou shall not covet. Did you hear that you traitors of the US Constitution, the ones that do not want to share power with those elected to office, those that want to deny, the basic civil rights of citizens by fabricating made up stories and other dishonorable tactics denying the confirmation of Republican appointees, meanwhile, committing on a daily, on a hourly basis, the plotting of stealing the resources of others, the very thought crime GOD HIMSELF, commanded with Moses, to avoid? Thou shall not covet, was the express commandment by GOD, NOT TO ENGAGE in authoritarian socialism, that steals from the people, in taxes, in regulations, the very fabric of existence, created by God, for his children to enjoy for eternity? Thou shall not covet, means, be all you can be, even desire similar things, but you STOP SHORT, of authoritarian redistribution of sources (NEVER ENGAGE), because GOD favors voluntary freedom of will! Did you hear that Mr. China, Mr. dream of replacing humans with your GPS devices and robot hands? That the GOSPEL was preached in different tongues, and it did not include the Catholic Church's book of Revelation, and it surely did not include the crime of raping children, while pretending to be the bulwark of God himself?
The Metoo movement is all bs it was started by a liberal activist to destroy white mens lives and republicans who are running.
Rush Limbaugh
Rush Limbaugh2 hours ago

The primary reason is to delay the confirmation because they don’t want Kavanaugh on the court because of his judicial qualifications and beliefs.

The Democratic presidential nominee for 2020 (to be determined) sexually assaulted me 35 years ago. I remember it like it was yesterday! If he/she assaulted you as well, share this post. Justice must be served! I call for an FBI investigation.
It is so sickening. To ruin the reputation of this wonderful man. If the accuser came forth with 100 witnesses I would still not believe her. The way it was all orchestrated, is just phony and stinks to high Heaven . I also smell George Soros in there somewhere, As I previously stated, the dems have reached a new low, and that is pretty bad even for them.
The REAL issue here is not the obvious one as stated. The REAL issue is WHY is Congress going along with this obvious rouse? Why?
Disagree. It's not abortion that is driving the loony left. It is only part of it. Their pure, white-hot hatred of Trump is what motivates these people. They would oppose Garland if Trump put his name up there. Just to stick it in his eye.
The main reason is to obstruct the President at all cost no matter who's life they destroy. Trump derangement syndrome 101.
Heaven forbid we have someone who supports the Constitution. What's worse (in their opinion) is that President Trump is able to nominate a second judge.
They have no shame for destroying lives of innocent people because they disagree with them.....they are not going to get by with their hate on judgement day....God will be their judge
Evil people can't stand against the truth. Confirm him now.
RUSH....regarding "Abortion" being what it is all about....Why is the Left not Embracing Change as they usually do??? After all, it was a LEFT LEANING SCOTUS that approved of baby killing! many years ago! So, it's time for CHANGE! 🤣
He will not defend murdering the unborn. I think he will be great as a SCOTUS.
Not just abortion. Crazy kooks like crooked Hillary went to get rid of the electoral college. And so much more.
OR, they actually think they can delay long enough to get past the mid-terms if they take over the Senate. If that happens, the empty SCOTUS seats will stay empty.
They want to put there judges in the Supreme Court two will uphold the decisions of the leftist lower courts
I cannot wait until Judge Kavanaugh is sworn in! Two Supreme Court justices, and possibly another by the end of Trumps 8 years! America’s constitution will be rightfully restored and the missteps of the past will be fixed.
Rush, are you aware of the Didache and that the Apostles taught that Jesus told them the abortion is murder and the Way to Death and if true Christians knew of and followed Jesus the Democrats would never win
This is what civility looks like!
Yes that’s what the problem is.... women are afraid he will ban it hope he does!
This truth and I like Rush to tell it.
Sorry, Sir, but "Duh.". Again, my apologies.
Demonic left loves dead babies 😢
We need to keep moving forward.
That is the bottom line.
I knew it.
Confirm Thursday ...
Rush Limbaugh
Rush Limbaugh2 hours ago

Folks, I wish I had confident, comforting predictions about the media. What I know is that no matter how bad it gets for them, no matter how much audience they lose, no matter how much money their parent companies lose, they’re not gonna change. The...

Soros and Friends pumping money in. That’s why they don’t care about ratings It’s just about stoking their evil, mental base
I know I don’t believe a word they say any longer.
It is because they are supported by the likes of Soros and his communist/socialist orgs....they want to destroy our country...
Actually the media has become America's enemy along with the democrats.
It is my hope that the DISHONEST MEDIA destroys itself and burns to the ground.
So the NYT has gone from "All the news that's fit to print" to "All the news that fits we print" even if all the news that fits is Dem/Lib/Socialist propaganda... all that's left for us then is to research for truth as much as we're able and laugh at the media manipulations.
Barely even read the local paper anymore. It has those nationally syndicated lie factory stories.
Oh yeah....they’re too STUPID to realize that America is watching their BS. They’re done.
I will not miss them, one bit.
Used to read lots of newspapers every day. As of this week I will cancel our daily paper. I am so done with all of them. Every one bash our President over and over again. Good news will safe some money.
They are following the marching orders of misguided Chinese (whom I love) who were only enabled by the temptation of influencing American politics, thanks to the watered down offensive tactics of Republicans, who sat daily on Sundays in their churches, and when they went to work every day, failed to remind the WORLD, from Saudia Arabia, to India, to China, to even Russia, THOU SHALL NOT COVET, was indeed a warning from the authority who CAN TRAVEL TIME ITSELF, NOT TO ENGAGE IN AUTHORITARIAN SOCIALISM!?? Imagine the big dreams, the prosperity lost, by those in the media, who chose not to be all they can be, to share the same desires, but stop short of supporting those who believe in authoritarian socialism? Bullies, do not have what they need, and Mr. Trump, is not a bully, he has everything he needs. He wants us to dream big, yet we have what seems to be a phony army, attempting to prevent just that? That can be reversed quickly, we can still promote VOLUNTARY altruism, charity, but getting power, then charting a course for the rocks, is preventable.
They dug their own graves.
I hope so Rush , but then look how long Jerry Springer was on air , its the same people watching The View , CNN , MSNBC and all Mainstream Media, at least Fox has on both !
We don’t watch the media. Are they dead yet. Bunch of lies
If the money is from running commercials... you would think that they need to reach the targeted demographics... 18-45 or has that changed? Maybe the target is millennials to Gen X. I wonder if they’re hitting that, or is the income coming from other sources?
Let's hope so rush !
I HOPE they Go Bankrupt
Yes-but it's much, much too slow. It's the longest, screechiest cry for help ever. Have an intervention or die already.
At least we’ve still got you!
If only....
Usually i got my news from Rush Limbaugh and our President Trump. The 2 true Anchormen! Suely
Down the darin with the swamp. LOSERS and bigots.
Please God make it so
We hope so.