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Hey yall it's time again for the mountain man radio show 1-800- 259-1440

Mountain Man
Could y'all pray for me, I am about to have surgery tomorrow. Pray that my surgeon has steady hands and that my cancer doesn't comeback. Thank you and God Bless.
Great show as always. All in the path of the hurricane, stay safe!! Hope everyone has a blessed week!
Love this, Happy Birthday Mountain Man I would love to come see ya, you need your tv. Show I sure miss the show
I love how fast you talk ... Go for it!
I never get through, I’ve called many times
Praying for the folks in the path of Hurricane Michael
hey mountain man ,hold down
Did you get through on the phones yawt yawt
Round up the boys and come to SE Texas for a duck hunt in the marsh.
Missed you radio show today.
Thanks for still gracing the airwaves!!!
Hoping and praying that the hurricane would somehow lose force/ change course
Yep we can hear you talking. Background music gives a dramatic touch to the news
Wish the weather would get right here, lol
Hay mountain man what's up defiance Ohio
U gonna be up in Pennsylvania anytime soon?
Man it’s hard to get trough to this show
I walked in D.C. and as I got in the door I'm getting a nice shot gun to get a pic with..
Were going to keys but not looking to good
Yep,going to get cool here in a day or two
It's was great to talk to you from Illinois
Hey Mountain man u need your own tv show
Hey there mountain man from soggy new port richey fl.
Smoke cannabis everyday mountain man
Hey, Mountain Man from Ann Arbor, MI!! 😃. Miss seeing you on my TV.
Mountain Man
Mountain Man was live.2 weeks ago

Radio show time cal 800-259-1440!!! It’s Mountain Man’s Birthday!!!!!!

Mountain Man
Mountain Man Y'all be alright! Thank yall for all the happy BIRTHDAY s wishes! Emmmhmmmm
Happy birthday mountain man!! Its Nevaeh from the carnival that was at John Schneiders birthday party! I made you the caramel apple! Anyways hope you have a great birthday! Mine was yesterday!
Good afternoon Mountain Man. I just saw a guy hunting ducks with a bow and he was awesome. Ever see someone take a duck down with a bow?
I've tried to call but it said you was busy just wanted to say happy birthday mnt man your a big influence God Bless You
Happy birthday to you. My family and i love your show and duck dynasty we even purchased your guys game. Love you guys enjoy your day
Love you my home's in the mountains of Alabama write-up on the top you favor a lot of them mountain people I'll always be one love it never tried any BBQ catfish on the grill
Happy birthday mountain man, today's my birthday too hope you had as good a day as I have. Love you all bunches.Sandi Hooker Plant City Florida .
Great talking to you Mountain Man. But glad we go way back, glad we got us some good PHS memories. Love ya!
Happy Birthday! Hope it is the best one yet. May God continue to bless you in Jesus name amen. Was so great to see you at the tackle show in Ar.
Mountain Man Please send out a shout out to those in North Central PA that are getting tornado's and high winds
Happy Birthday from Missouri,,! Love you Mountain Man!?
Hey Happy birthday mountain man God bless its good to hear you again
If I was there I would bake you a big Birthday Cake!
Happy Birthday Mountain Man Hope You Have A Great Blessed Day
Single and needing a fishing buddy here.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY from me and my son, Sam, in Eastern NC!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY from the east coast of North Carolina Mountain Man! 🎂🎉🤗
Happy Birthday 🎂🎁🎈🎉🎊 Mountain Man! But we got the Mountains here in Kentucky Brother
A million followers and 60 live viewers lol
All for you The man of the hr
Benny Graves is trying to call in:)
Happy Birthday from Nicaragua.... Blesa you Man
make me birthday cake there i had one few weeks
me to god save me to on christmas eve 5 years
Gps bless you .... From Managua Nicaragua...praid for my country
Mountain Man
Mountain Man was live.2 weeks ago
Mountain Man
Hey mountain man I need those for my old ride
Hey mountain man have you ever ate Goetta
Bell Ranch New Mexico checkin in Mountain Man
Hello mt man
I'll cook you supper without wheels
I made sure you had corn in your feeder’s
Hello~ say hello to Indy
Can we be friends on Facebook
What's up Mountian man
Good morning mountain man
Hello from Kalamazoo, Michigan
Hey from Jefferson City mo
Good morning mountain man!
How we doing mountain man
Hello from london Ontario canada
Hello from Hannibal MO
Mountain Man, you rock brother
Hey Mountain Man! God bless you!!!!!
Good morning
Hey from northwest fl
Good morning
Mountain Man
Mountain Man was live.3 weeks ago

Mountain Man Radio show y’all first time callers call 800-259-1440 and say hey! Emmhmmm

Mountain Man
Yawt Yawt I’m running out of minutes here haha
Great show as always. God Bless everyone!
I won't call on a phone line, but I appreciate you and your whole family and everything you have to say.
Miss you all on TV,when are you coming back???
Congratulations on your award , you deserve it
Bo from Kentucky says have you ever ate Goetta
Hay Mountain Man .. Just keep on keeping on .. Great radio show..!
Mountains you 🐝 hunting yet....
Currently watching the episode where you gave away the wood chipper
Still waiting for that first date MM
that award is awesome just as awesome as you..😂
Maybe I get to talk to u next time doggone hone
My husband at work and he says 👋 from bel ridge California
You guys need to take David Ellis’s call (YAWT YAWT)
J.R. Take yawt yawts call put him on it’ll be great
Kaitlin ask him to take David Ellis’s call if he calls in... he’s on here. I got through last week
Bye Kaitlin... can we have another date on here next week. LoL
Turtle man made a good livin off those snappers
I never got to hunt elk... I’d take him ou on that mtn man
I spend 50 bucks a month on sheena’s dog food
504 in Morganton NC be back in NOLA next week
Yawt has a lag cause he’s from northern part of state
Its was over god and the bible
Do you miss being on TV I miss you all
Can ur Facebook page be friends with me ur Tim gueraedy one
Mountain Man
Mountain Man was live.3 weeks ago

My Lewis and Clark award

Mountain Man
Hi Mountain Man Thanks for being there tonight Light a candle for us A child has passed Xo Pray for Ginger Davies
Still waiting for our first date MM. Its me here in Apache junction Arizona
Congratulations my good brother!!!!!
Good job old buddy congratulations from Tupelo Ms
Congratulations Tim!! God bless y’all! Fish on! Mmm hmm 👍
Nanaimo British Columbia
Tim Guraedy bet you didn’t know I’m a direct decent of William Clark!
Hi there mountain man congratulations. We love u
Congratulaions Mountain Man...
Congratulations Mountain Man God Bless you my friend
Congratulations Mountain Man !
Hello Mountain Man .. A well deserved award..
Hey mountain man from alabama
What’s up mountain man
Congratulations, Mountain Man! :)
Living Legend,,
Hey mountain man
The mountain man
Congratulations ❤️🎚
What's up mountain man
Mountain Man
Mountain Man was live.3 weeks ago

Lewis and Clark Conservation Award

Mountain Man
Still waiting for that date MM
mt man we love you , hi fr darren brooks
Hey Mountain Man, long time no see! Hello from Lookeba, Oklahoma
Hey bud your my favorite person that was on duck dynasty
Mountain man do me a favor and thank everyone of them for helping us down here we’re Florence tried to wipe us out .
Racing in Richmond tonight
Hey Tim !!!! Looks like great weather there !!!!!
Hey Mountain man, you’re awesome!!
Hello from Blakely , ga.
have a great evening mountain man
Hello mountain man from point blank tx
Hello Mountain Man from Rome New York
Hello Mountain Man congratulations
How you doing mountain man
Hey mountain man from Batesville Mississippi
Howdy mm from Texas Gos bless
Hey mountain man from holiday Florida
I like your low pitch voice
Hey mountain man from bluefield wv
hi from Wasaga beach Ontario
Hey from Mississippi
hey mountaiin man
Hello my man ❤️❤️❤️
booyah to u..
Mountain Man
Mountain Man4 weeks ago

Hey y'all, I'm headed to New Jersey! Come see me Oct 26-27 at Chiller Theatre convention at the Hilton Parsippany NJ EMMMHMMM

Coastal Entertainment

Glade I got too see u and too have the chance too talk too u and get ur signigture ur awesome
You're getting closer to Pittsburgh brother!!!