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Mountain Man Radio Show time, yall call 1-800-259-1440 and say hayy emmhmm

Mountain Man
I can see your belly mountain
Hey y’all from fort Bragg. Home of the 82nd airborne!!
Hello from your home town Hallock/Lancaster Minnesota!!
Hello from Newfoundland Canada
Hey mountain man!! Watching from Brisbane Australia!! 😁
Hello mountain man. From London Ontario
Hi from Alaska!
Good afternoon Mountain Man From costa rica
Ok still need u to get this story out please we r tired of a corrupt county and a girl walking free while her car crash victims are wither crippled for life or buried
Do u talk about anything if i call ya... I want to get this out about my corrupt county ans how a girl killed two kids and crippled another and got nothing for it
Asking for prayers for me and Yazhis safety til we can move back to my home a real bad situation. Yazhi is my pup.
Mountain man can you pray for me have to have emergency surgery in morning to remove 4 cyst off my bladder
Would you rather eat a venomous snake or a non venomous snake if you were trying to survive in the wilderness?
I'm a poor man but I wish I could meet you
So excited we love ya here in TX
I would love to go fishing with Mountain Man
I really must come over and visit you guys
Hi Mountain, Red Boiling Springs, Tennessee
How’s Bert doing is he still going to the Mountain Man doggie obedience school
Good Olé Mountain Man Family probably went to The Duck Diner for some Miss Kay Cooking
J.R was probably craving Taco Bell
I sent u all a message about my story let me know what u think
Hi Mountain Man from Tunkhannock Pennsylvania good to see you
How do i send u a story on a corrupt county
Hello it's Debbie here at walmart in mesa Arizona
Mountain Man
Mountain Man5 days ago


Tell Uncle Si I thought I saw a Black Panther too lol maybe it was a bear or a really big big cat! Could have been a black bob tail but I have a black panther story too lol Hey its the south anything is possible!
would love to sit around a camp fire and hear some of them dont really have no old story telling family they all died off
I bet you two are causing a “ruckus” in the bayou ! 😂😂 From your West TN fan !
I have all the seasons and I still watch them till this day.
God bless y'all good to see your smiling faces booya
Mountain Man emm hmm!! Hello from Keith in New Kensington Pennsylvania!
I was there 3 weeks ago!!!
I miss all of you guys on cable I hope you can come back God bless you all
I want to meet you guys
I like your show
Shoutout from Texas
Rob Steadman
Mountain Man
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School starting, if ya can ,spend the most time you can with your kids. can't get time back

Mountain Man
Mountain Man is with David Munoz and Tim Guraedy.2 weeks ago


Do you really talk that slow? Are is it for TV ? Some people really do talk that way. Nothing wrong with the way you talk mind you. I hope I don't hurt your feelings.It wasn't my attentions.I enjoy watching all of you on TV. Everybody is adorable. Thank you for sharing your families Willie. May God bless each one of you. Covington ,Tn 38105 Thanks!
Caught your sight on face book last week by accident, It reminded me of the show mountain mem on the history channel. Sign by Phil and Roseanne Bill Frye Sr.
Oh what stories those old barns must hold. I absolutely beam every time I see one.
They make me a jolly good fellowwwww....
Everyone needs a break now and then. Take 5 Mountain Man.
You're a character. I like your shirt it blends with the barn door😁
God Bless u Mountain Man, u always brighten my mood when I’m having a bad day.😁😂
Vey good photo. Enjoy following you on Facebook book. Hi to Bert also!
Barns are nice they are rustic and age well! !!!!!!!
All I see is a beard and legs!🤣
Love old Primitive Barns
Good to see you Mountain Man.
Yep- barns have a story to tell!
Looking good BOYFRIEND.
Nice picture Moutain Man
I like big barns and I cannot lie.
Me too
Hello, Mountain Man.
Miss you Mountain Man.
Me too.
Nice photo :)
So cool.
I love old barns
Mountain Man
Mountain Man was live.2 weeks ago

Radio show time! Call 1-800-259-1440 and ask me a question or tell us a funny story emmhmmm

Mountain Man
Howdy from TN by way of Waco, TX. Questions: (1) when did u start growing your beard? (2) do u own a camo tux fer special occasions? Thanks, and keep on shining the light of Jesus!
Everything is so messed up Mountain man's mouth looks really funny when he speaks as well or pick up your mind it is a stuttering mess
Hey mt. Man I gotcha from Pennsylvania. We had dinner in monroe 5 or 6 years ago and then went to my cousins for dessert. You remember?
no aligators here in Wasaga Beach Ontario Canada but we do have large catfish and a Ice cream factory
I have a question for Mt man.. I have a rattlesnake in my bathroom... should I kill it or should I feed something to it
Caitlin have J.R. Put yawt yawt (David Ellis) through he needs to talk to mountain man about an upcoming show
Hello Mountain Man, how are ya have ya been fishing with Philly or Jase I sure wish you all was still on tv, I miss all of ya if ya see them tell them hi an want you all back on tv, take care an God Bless
Nobody should abuse dogs at all
Hey there Mountain Man can you say something crazy like Olé Si
Jack. I’m working an event in Arkansas with mountain man been trying to call in hah
They run that guys to show one time use their
They were on video I seen it on the news last nught
Still cant understand . Maybe we can listen next week. Ya'll have a nice week. Sorry you missed me
there's a lot of skipping can't pick out whats being said
Cleveland Ohio in the house!
Jonesboro,Arkansas here. I'm Christy,,I just turn 63,,that means I'm 18 with 45years experience. Lol lol
I got word yawt yawt and mountain man working event at Webb’s in Arkansas sept 1st
Just cooked my wife dinner ate I am stuffed
Hey Moubtain Man!!! At work in North Central Wis on break!! Good to see you again!!
Found any more snakes in your house mountain man?
What is better to cook with on real hot days, crockpot or on the stove/oven?
Is cooking with crockpot on hot days is it better than using stove/oven?
Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada phew it is hot here.
No the video is breaking up bad
Mountain Man
Mountain Man was live.3 weeks ago
Mountain Man
Get that snake. I had one on a glue board in my garage. In my space. Lol
Oh heck no!!! No slithering in the house at night!!!
i sure dont like Snakes let alone a Gardner snake
How can he catch the snake, his really slooow
Wait till you got to the bathroom, lift up the lid on the toilet and BAM there's a snake looking back at you. Not a good day at all.
Hey Mountain Man! From North Central Wiscosin!!! The fishing has been great! My BF landed a 42"Northern that was pretty beat up. We had fish steaks on the open fire. It was delish!!!
Hi bud from Bedford Texas.....May God always Bless you.. Gonna meet you soon....I know Si's daughter and Son in law will be coming to Monroe..I'm an HVAC tech
We had little one try to come in under the back but thank good ness my dog bear was laying there and jumped clear off the ground getting away from it lol
I don't like ole sneaky snake. He laughs too much you see. When he goes wigglin' through the grass, he tickles his underneath.
That’s just a baby Mountain Man come over to Darwin in Australia and meet some of our little beauties 👍 over 20 foot long.
Hey, my friend. Snakes are great for eradicating vermin.... Your home is, your territory... They don't know that. They are, survivalists. Outdoing us humans. As nature is... So, killing them, is done.....
as long as they dont invade my house im ok with most snakes. there are some i wouldnt want anywhere near my home though. non poisenous are fine though. as long as they pay their keep in pest control lol
Hello from Boone nc.. Love me some mountain man .. Only good snake is a dead snake lol.. I've had one in the shower with me!!!! Yikes
Why dis you not call us man whats up...
You are So right! Every snake is a BAD SNAKE!! Don't like them and don't want them around unless they are a dead snake.
I've had one in the house but I fixed that where it was coming from underneath the door. My daughter saw a nice size copper head outside 2 days ago, went out there to look for it and it was already gone I wanted to chop it up.
I don’t like snakes
How n wat do u got there mm
Hey Mountain Man from Dalton Georgia
Hello Mountain Man,from Port Orford,Oregon!♡
Hey mountain man
Hello from Rhode Island.
What's up Mountain man.
Hello mountain man!!!!!!!!!!
Love u from fredericton new Brunswick Canada
Mountain Man
Mountain Man is with Tim Guraedy.1 month ago

Hope to see y'all there in Springdale at RNR TIRE EXPRESS!

I got excited..saw Springdale. We have a Springdale in Pennsylvania. Home of Rachel Carson. Any plans on coming to the Pittsburgh Pennsylvania area, Mountain Man? Would like to meet you.
Well I drive an hour to go. Didn't end up winning anything but I traded with you. One of my Woodbridge for your book and CD. I started reading your book yesterday and love it. Thank you