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Mountain Man6 days ago

Me and my buddy in South Dakota catching a few crappie , nice kid

Mountain Man Trevor Olsson and his dad put me on some good fishing , we also caught some walleye, small mouth bass
Good pheasant hunting there too MM !!
I caught one today! First catch of the year. I just had my baby a month ago and i have finally found 10 minutes to fish. :) 🎣
That's the best eaten size.
First time I've seen MM not in a camo shirt! What a handsome beast!
This is awesome!! Way to go Trevor Olson!!
I love crappys we call them sun fish
Mountain man where's the big one's lol
o lord i not had them in years nice size good catch you guys booyah..
Where in south Dakota? I'm live here
Looking good boys keep her up
Not bad and really good eating
Way to go T.O! You're famous!
Hey Mountain Man
Nice catch mountain man
nice ones
Nice. Is the mountain man married?
Great eating!
Hello Mountain Man
Way to go Mountain Man
Mountain Man
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Radio show time! Give us a call 1-800-259-1440 - looking for first time callers emmmhmmm

Mountain Man
I thought you shaved your beard for a second mountain man, but it was the pretty lady! Had me worried mountain man!
What is the best walleye bait.?
Awesome Hi Mountain Man when you coming back to Iowa
That is the coldest part of Minnesota
I tried to call numeral times I give up '' You are a poplar guy MT man
Some women have to shave their chins. Really
They make that spray to fill in bare spors
Watching from Orange New South Wales Australia good day mate
Hello from Brenda Tallon Prince George British Columbia Canada
Go to the Hjemkomst Heritage Center in Fargo. Huge viking ship there.
Cutie for sure....not Mtn. missy. You folks are funny.
Good evening from Rhode Island. Love the show.
where is Mountain Man ? never mine...... hello Kaylee and J. R. i know ya''ll can hold down the fort
North Carolina in the house.
Just dont get no better than that fishing
We love your show around Lafayette!
Raining here in Saint Martinville LA
You can fish at night there?
Somebody from Romania checked in a few comments back
Glad you having a good time MOUNTAIN MAN
What were you catching
Hey Mountain Man... When you coming to TN?
Hello mountain man from Rochester, Indiana
Hey mountain man from fort bragg and to your beautiful fill in.
Mountain man is lucky to have such a beautiful lady working with him
Mountain Man
Mountain Man added 4 new photos.2 weeks ago

Found some nice folks up here in Bruce South Dakota

Everyone loves ole MOUNTAIN MAN , take care my friend God Bless
Mountain Man
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Radio show time! First time callers 1-800-259-1440 call and say hay

Mountain Man
Well howdy folks. Watching up in Rhode Island.
can I get a shout out? lol much love from SAN DIEGO!
Hi mountain man from Brenda Prince George British Columbia Canada
I'd go in there after waffles and syrup lol
Hi mountain man from port barre Louisiana
I like the way you talk Mountain Man
Dang Bro! I would call, but I'm always at work. 😞
Skunks on fishing trips you still had fun uh!!!!
You talk fine MM🙂
Git er duuuunnnnn!
No you sound fine Mountain Man. I'm from Florida so when i was in Pennsylvania they laughed at my country accent..
From Le Bonheur hospital I Memphis!!!!! Helloooo
Can't find catfish here like I had when I lived in Boyce La
When you y'all coming to Tunkhannock Pennsylvania would love to see you all
Love Hee Haw watch reruns on tv
Kentucky in the house Mountain Man!
Just went to flip a steak...I am back
Y'all three are awesome!
Hello from San Diego California! much love and hugs to you and your staff!
never heard of that worm.
We got good fishing here in colorado
Hay mountain man what's up defiance Ohio
I always loved Lousaiana used to be out 3 times a month
I got that Ga, acksent to big time lol
Mountain Man
Mountain Man was live.3 weeks ago
Mountain Man
Dont come to Galveston Indiana nothing here
Hello from the keys! Steve is fishing away..
Hey from mattoon Illinois love y'all
Heck we been doing that since we were kids in Ohio and Pa... Playing with crawdads and fishing lol it best way to spend ur time
Hellion Mountain Man!!! From Schofield. WI. Too hot for fishing Walleyes!!! 90's here. Just 7 weeks ago we were dumped with 20.5 inches of snow!!!
hey mountain mannnn! love you, the Robertson's and the rest if the Duck Dynasty crew! love you mountain man ;) XoXo
Well you have a good day keep it up. Hey Sherman keep up your stuff also I'll keep watching on FB. God bless all
Appreciate the shout out about granddaughter fishing...Miss Adilyn Rose Caulder 2 years old. NC strong
Hello mnt man to day was not fun I was out cut my yard and I when under a tree and the tree I when under knock me off and I when fly I OK just sore
How meant how mountain man I am Kathy 70s by bureau I have always wanted to live in a log cabin up in the mountains never made it fact I wanted to make my own log cabin and build it ourselves good seeing you and enjoy your show
A big howdy from Alabama swamps Mattawan Michigan
Hey mountain man... Iowa country boy here. Say hi buddy my names Eric Rose
Hello from satellite Beach, Florida
Your first live feed folks were commenting!!
another great show Mountain Man.. God Bless always
Much love from Stevensville mi. Watching you on duck dynasty now😀
Hey mountain man, it's pouring rain here in South Carolina...have a great evening.
Come too Austin Texas Mountain Man, everything here is big in Texas!
Some say i look like ya but i say im better looking
Tell uncle Phil & them boys we love them & God Bless Yawl
Hey mountain man i hope your a having a blessed day brother
Hi from Iowa. Hope your enjoying the weather. It's sticky hot here. Oh my Lord!!😡
Hey MM, come to Ptd., Oregon. We got more freaks here than Bert has fleas!
We need Duck 🦆 Dynasty, in the House 🏡
Tell all the duck boys i said hey & God Bless you all
Mountain Man
Mountain Man was live.3 weeks ago
Mountain Man
Was a great show bud news was halarious beuya
Duck dynasty needs to come back on the air miss that show
Hey their you all from Lebanon Indiana god bless
Hi mountain man from tunkhannock Pennsylvania
Mountain man what is your opinion on marijuana
Howdy mountain man! From the cascade mountains
Hi there mtn man coming from eastern Kentucky folks
Do you know the Basque Country?
Hello mountain man! Hope to see you in the keys?
There is a lot going through you just can’t see them
Hey mountain man this is Jackie from Goldsboro North Carolina love you
Hello Mountain man... Iowa man here. Say hi to this iowa country boy. Names Eric Rose
I've been watching him catching big stuff.
Have watched this a few times, they are definitely mountain men!’n
What are you doing tonight from Georgetown south Carolina
Hello I hope you all had a good memorial weekend
Hi mountain man I would love to have some of them craw fish with you some time
Hey mountain man what's going on today
Hey Mountain Man wish I was back down that way I'm originally from Morgan City Louisiana
I can hear you, and I see messages
Hi Mountain Man!!
Hey mountain man. I lost my husband last night. Any advice? I’m numb
Hello from Rochester, Indiana
Hey mountain man from Linda in Florida
St Louis
Mountain Man
Mountain Man was live.3 weeks ago
Mountain Man
I wish I was there :) What a nice ride and view I can almost feel the wind and smell the air and water :) Wow what I ride! Thank you for taking us along with you on your adventures!
Throw one back .so the next time you go there will be one to catch . CONRAD THE HARMONICA MAN IN GEORGIA
Hello from southern Illinois, looks like fun!
Awesome hello Mountain Man from Iowa
Where ya heading Moutain Man?
It's so beautiful their..
Used to catch bigmouth bass in my younger years.
Happy Memorial Day weekend from North Carolina! 👍 Don’t let the gators getcha! 🤪
We got 15 reds 2 flounder and 8 trout today .
Yes Bill, would be a good show to watch Mountain Man and Turtle Man
Hope he doesn’t try go after any gators there!!!
Hello from WV. Hoping u all have a great day catching!!!!
What y’all going to do right now mountain man
Iv got a rat terrier that will out tree any dog around
Bill they are 100% two different people
From south Mississippi but I believe 90% of my blood is Cajun or coonass
Thanks your the man mountain man
Will that baby tree a squid yet
You Phil and jase is my favorite people in Louisiana 🤙🏼
He said , Are we they’re yet!
Y’all going to the Everglades
How long do you plan on fishing today
Looks like Berts got his sealeggs!.Hey Mointainman
Hello From Michigan ❤️ Have yourself a beautiful day.....And Tomorrow Have a good Memorial Day 🇺🇸
They real brothers from ca different mother.